Study Finds That a Dog’s Heart Rate Jumps When You Say “I Love You” To Them


It’s time for dog lovers to learn something new in relation to their pets. Recent research has shown that when you tell him you love him the dog understands that, he reacts excitedly and physically. When all dog lovers realize that pronouncing this love phrase, they will want to start pronouncing those three little words at every opportunity.

The study was conducted at Canine Cottage, measuring the dog’s body reactions and found that the pups’ heart rate increased by an average of 46.2% while being told, “I love you.”

The warm-up study used monitors to monitor the dogs ’heart rate through a variety of activities. Researchers have found that saying a certain phrase “I love you” to your dog excites the animal and raises its pulse. Conversely, cuddling your dog has a calming effect, so that the resting heart rate decreases by an average of 22.7%.

According to the study, people’s heart rate increased by about 10.4% when they saw their dogs, which shows a mutual reaction, which is why it is claimed that a dog is a man’s best friend.

Following the pulse of humans and dogs when this love phrase is uttered can shed light on their emotions, which with certainty mean different things for humans and dogs.

SIGNS that show your dog loves you

1)         LICKS & KISSES

Licking is exactly how dogs show their gratitude, and this is excessive in some dogs, while others will quickly lick their hand in passing. This is a sure sign of true love!

2)         CUDDLES

If dogs are curling next to you, in your lap, or in front of your feet it is a sign that they want to be as close to you as possible. They may even react as if they are hugging you, but they will just cuddle and lean on you because that way they feel comfortable, which is a sure sign of love.

3)         GREETINGS

Every greeting of your dog causes them to wag their tail back and forth, jumping and wagging themselves because they love you like a boss and are happy to see you.

4)         BEGGING

Begging usually happens to a dog when it wants food, but most dogs also pray for attention, so they start barking at them, patting their leg, putting their head in their lap or on the couch next to them. There are almost no dogs who do not like to be petted and crave the attention of their favorite person!

5)         GENEROSITY

On most occasions, dogs will bring their favorite toy to their owners and put it at their feet. They want to play with the owners trusting them and therefore bring them their favorite thing. The ability of dogs to judge people’s character well is also demonstrated by bringing a favorite toy to play with, it is a sign of trust and love as well.

6)         BELLY UP

Showing a belly or sleeping on your back with your chest raised by a dog is a sign of perfect love and trust. In this way, they expose their vulnerable position, which essentially means that they love and trust a certain person.

7)         LOYALTY

The instinct of dogs to protect the pack is also reflected in loved ones, so they will do everything in their power to protect them from perceived harm. Therefore, when you notice that your dog is disturbed by a walker approaching you or on the approach of a vehicle behind you, you must be aware that this is just their way to show their loyalty to you and protect you.

8)         JUMPING UP

Jumping up is the excitement that dogs show when they see you, with the goal of greeting you and bringing all the new scents from where you have been. So, support that reaction of theirs, don’t scold him quickly!


Dogs have a habit of stealing and chewing certain things of their owners in order to attract their attention. They do it even when they are alone at home or they miss a person, in which case they do it out of love.


Dogs understand that people help them when they need help, so when dogs come to you holding their paws or laying their head on your lap when they feel bad, it is an expression of a high level of confidence.

There are probably other puppy love facts, so we encourage you to share them if you know some that are not mentioned here.


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