“Suicide Machine” That Lets You Experience Death Is Now Available For The Public To Try


Euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has created a 3D printed suicide machine that allows users to control their own death in minutes. Named the Sarco, this futuristic- looking machine features a coffin- shaped capsule enclosed by transparent panels. He stands on an inclined platform. When you press a button inside the tablet, the device fill with liquid nitrogen, an unregulated substance that is easily purchased. This lowers the oxygen level in the capsule, making the user feel “slightly drunk” before passing out and eventually dying.

Users must pass mental capacity test

Although users are required to take an artificial intelligence test to determine their mental ability to open a hatch, the details of this test are not yet available. The machine is movable, which means that the user can move to the desired location. You can drag it and see the Alps or lakes. When you’re ready, you say goodbye, use your login code, lower the awning, press a button, and die a few minutes later. They claim that is a very peaceful death.

The removable design acts like a coffin.

“The capsule itself is biodegradable and can be removed from the pedestal at the bottom to be used as a coffin for burial or cremation.” – said Nitschke. “This is the most important day in your life, the day you die. It should not be hidden, it should be eloquent and beautiful.” Sarco was exhibited at Palazzo Michel at the Venice Biennale earlier this month.

The creator

Nitschke, 70, has been a death advocate for decades. He said that as a medical student, he was inspired by the work of Jack Kevorkian. (Kevorkian, a late American pathologist nicknamed Doctor Death, says he helped at least 130 patients commit suicide.) In his youth, Nitschke created Deliverance, a machine program. Associated with intravenous administration to induce a subsequent lethal injection of a sedative. Only when the patient insists that he wants to die. Then he developed something called “exit bag” something like carbon monoxide respirator. Nitschke used this system on 4 patients before Australia’s death law was repealed.

Euthanasia is illegal in most places, but legal in some European countries and parts of the United States. Nitschke told AFP that his machine would allow those interested in euthanasia to take an easier route. “In many countries, suicide is not illegal, so it just helps a person to commit suicide,” he said. “This is a situation where a person prefers to press a button instead of, for example, standing in front of a train.





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