Supermarket In Denmark Comes Up With A Brilliant Pricing Trick To Stop Hand Sanitizer Hoarding


People all over the internet are making their fun with the paranoia of others and the hoarding of toilet papers form supermarkets. Pictures and memes are being posted teasing the hoarders all over the world. However, despite the comedic aspect of the hoarders, they are making life much harder for others by depleting the resources. Respirators, masks, and single-use medical gloves are just some of the items that are much hard to get by these days. One of the most sought after items is, of course, the hand sanitizer. People all over the world are buying as much hand sanitizer as they can, creating a shortage in many stores. However, this supermarket in Denmark made a very smart move which will stop people from stockpiling on the item.

Rotunden supermarket thinks of themselves to be the most beautiful supermarket in Denmark. They describe themselves as an elite shopping environment and they value people’s time. However, that’s not the only thing that they value. This humane supermarket does not care just to profit from people buying as many items as they can. Instead, they want the product (in this case the hand sanitizer) to be sold to as many people in need as possible.

With the spread of the Coronavirus, supermarkets experienced a stampede of people going in and out of the stores and buying stockpiles of items. This supermarket wanted to change this and came up with an unusual pricing idea that will stop people from buying more than one hand sanitizer. The store sells one bottle of sanitizer for 40 DKK which is about $4, whereas if the person wants to buy two bottles, it will cost him 1,000 DDK ($95).

The supermarket made a letter stating:

“Dear Customers,

 We have a great responsibility to keep the business running, and we can only do that with everyone’s help and understanding. You can help in the following way:

 We ask all customers to respect the distance between each other and our co-workers;

 Sprinkle (likely sanitize or wash) hands off at the entrance and use gloves;

 If you are a family, please allow only one person to purchase the purchases if possible;

There may be times when we limit how many customers we accept in the store at one time. We will keep you informed about any operating changes on Facebook. Take care and thank you for your understanding.”


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