Swimming Pools Made From Shipping Containers


With lockdowns and quarantine still active in many countries, people around the world are making interesting innovations for their houses and backyards. People are trying to make new additions to their homes to feel more comfortable.

These innovations vary from ‘We-Sheds’ to DIY projects like a pergola with swings and fire pits. One designer even made a wine cellar out of his staircase. These ideas are not limited just for our enjoyment and entertainment. One man decided to build his wife’s chickens a mini Coop Town in their backyard.

These are just some innovations that people decided to make for upgrading their life in their houses. However, one of the most wanted additions to one’s backyard is a swimming pool. Swimming pools are the best place for people to enjoy themselves and relax. Pools come in handy during this situation since public pools are a bigger risk for spreading the virus.

Instead, people want to stay at home and social distance themselves from others. The problem is that constructing a swimming pool in the backyard can be very expensive. If you’re not satisfied with the ordinary inflatable pool, then this alternative should be perfect for you.

Shipping Container Swimming Pools

A trend has been started in Sydney, Australia, which completely took over worldwide. After property owners started requiring compact swimming pools which can be placed in a small yard, companies started exploring the idea of re-using shipping containers and transforming them into swimming pools.

The concept was perfected in Sydney and spread throughout all of Australia. Big cities such as Melbourne and Brisbane have also implemented this innovation with a large number of houses having these shipping container swimming pools.


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The shipping container swimming pools are an ingenious alternative to ordinary swimming pools and are also very affordable and eco-friendly.

These swimming pools are compact in size and simple to build. It makes them perfect for areas high in population. However, this should not discourage rural areas since the size and efficiency can also benefit them.

Most people know that shipping containers are highly durable. These containers were usually used for transporting goods on boats and they’re built to be sustainable. When thinking of re-using them for different purposes, these containers can be adapted for many different things. Their narrow, long, and rectangular shape make them perfect for swimming pools.


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Transforming the Containers into Swimming Pools

There are different ways to transform these containers into swimming pools. But before they are transformed, the steel out of these containers needs to be cleaned from all the rust.

Adding a second layer of steel inside the corrugated steel walls is one way of transformation. This second layer will make the container watertight on the inside and also add a good amount of weight to the pool.


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Another way to transform is lining the inside with fiberglass shell. However, there’s a disadvantage with using fiberglass since so-called ‘spider cracks’ can form on the surface. Fiberglass is very difficult and quite expensive to repair so any surface damage done to it will probably stay on for a while.

Additional modifications can be done to the pool such as glass added on the sides for your preference.

Placing them in a patio or as an extension of your house is also manageable since these containers are very versatile.


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After lining the inside of the container with whatever material you think is best, all you need is to fill it up with water and use it as a swimming pool. This is great when comparing to traditional pools. Traditional pools take a long time to be finished.

As the shipping container pool is brought to your house, it must be lowered down by a crane. If you’re not getting a custom container brought to you, it must be lowered on an outdoor space with 20-to-40 feet long.

Price and Size

The price is probably the most attractive element in purchasing such shipping container pools. It will cost you an average of $20,000 to $30,000 so it’s pretty cost-efficient for every household. There are container pools that cost $6,000; however, you need to know that the build quality might not be up to standard. Getting a swimming pool is a big investment and should last for many years, so spending extra will probably be more worth it in the long run.

The containers can come in two sizes: 8 by 20 feet and 8 by 40 feet. There are some shipping container pool manufacturers that cut the length of the container to 12 feet for a more compact pool.


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Additionally, these shipping container pools can be transportable. This means that if you ever decide to move away from your current house, you can always move the pool with you by truck.

Think twice before investing tons of money, time, and energy in building a traditional pool when you have such alternatives.


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