Teacher Misses Students Because Of Lockdown And Decides To Knit Each A Doll


One of the most powerful relationships people form is the teacher-student relationship. Everyone knows that teachers are like second parents to the students. Teachers help their students develop for thirteen years and recognize their goals and talents. For some teachers, teaching is just a job that gives them money to pay the bills. However, there are others for whom teaching is their life and passion. Everyone has had a teacher that has been their favorite.

Aside from their parents, teachers are responsible to correct the mistakes their pupils do, just as if they would do for their children. They play a major role in shaping the life of their students. Creating a positive environment and motivating their students is the main goal for these teachers. By doing so, they’re opening the student for success in the future.

Many teachers view their students as their children. It’s normal for them to like or dislike certain students depending on if they are active or misbehaving. However, no real teacher will discriminate between their pupils. The teacher-student bond is strong and it will continue for many years after the student graduates.

COVID-19 Closing schools

Because of the COVID-19, many schools across the world have been closed down. Governments from different countries are following measures from the World Health Organization to temporarily close educational institutions. This way, students will stop gathering in one place and room which will add to easing the spread of the virus.

More than 70% of the world’s student population was impacted by these measures. Several countries even applied localized closures which made an impact on millions of additional learners.

With the before mentioned teacher-student relationship, it is normal for both teachers and students to miss one another. One such example is a teacher from Harlem and her story touched our hearts.

Miss Ingeborg from Harlem

Just like other schools in the world, Bavinck school in Harlem was also forced to temporarily close. Miss Ingeborg is a teacher at that school and she stated that the closure of the school hit her hard. She started missing the children that she used to teach and wanted to do something for them.

After seeing a knitted doll on Pinterest, she got an amazing idea to knit all of her students a doll. What’s even more intriguing is that each doll was unique. She was able to add small details for each student on the dolls. Whether it was glasses, freckles, wearing sweaters or cardigans, she remembered different details for each of her students and knitted them on each doll.

Primary school teacher Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin, from the Dr. H.Bavinck school in Haarlem, missed her students so…

Posted by Stuff Dutch People Like on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Before this, Miss Ingeborg had no lessons on how to knit. However, she was determined to create something wonderful for her students and she succeeded. She knitted dolls for each 23 of her students. It took Miss Ingeborg 3-4 hours for each doll.

After finishing all of the dolls, she took a photo of all of them and shared it with her students and parents. Each student was able to recognize their doll without a problem and was very excited. However, there was one problem that emerged between them. From the entire class, one thing was missing: the teacher.

The students asked Miss Ingeborg to make one doll of herself and she spent a couple of hours to do so.

Future generations of students of Miss Ingeborg will have the chance to get a doll for themselves after she saw the enthusiasm of this generation. Even other teachers from her school wanted to make dolls like that for their classes but Miss Ingeborg refused them stating “there’s no time for that.”

It will take some time but once measures are lessened by the government, the excited students will go back to school and collect their amazing dolls from their beloved teacher.


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