Tennessee’s Treetop Skywalk is the Longest Tree-Based Bridge in North America!


If you’ve ever felt the stress from the work or at home, it’s best to escape and seek nature. One of the most perfect places that you can visit is the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. There, you can find a canopy walkway that will put your mind at ease.

The treetop bridge called Anakeesta is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and it offers a walk through the trees, either during the day or at night. It’s the longest tree-based bridge in North America.

The bridge is longer than 800 feet (243.84 meters) and features incredible series of sky-bridges up 50-60 feet (15.24 to 18.29 meters) in the air. The stroll of the canopy will allow you to view the amazing beauty of nature and make you feel like a bird. There’s even a chance to spot a wild animal such as a bear on the floor of the forest.

Sadly, a powerful storm in April knocked won three five-ton trees from the canopy, damaging the walkway. However, 11 of the 16 bridges remain open.

Biggest Canopy Walkways Around the World

The longest canopy walkways across the world are:

  • Royal Botanic Garden Kew, Surrey, UK – 656 feet long (200 meters) and 60 feet (18 meters) off the ground.
  • The Valley of the Giants, Western Australia – 1968 feet long (600 meters) and 131 feet (40 meters) off the ground.
  • Bad Harzburg, Germany – 3280 feet long (1000 meters) and 65 feet (20 meters) above the ground.
  • Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany – 1640 feet long (500 meters) and 144 feet (44 meters) off the ground.
  • Monteverde Park, Costa Rica – 1.9 miles (3 kilometers) long and 180 feet (60 meters) off the ground.
  • Inkaterra, Peru – 1320 feet long (402 meters) and 98 feet (30 meters) off the ground.
  • Kakum National Park, Ghana – over 1000 feet long (304.8 meters) and 130 feet (40 meters) off the ground.
  • Hainich National Park, Germany – 1738 feet long (530 meters) and 82 feet (25 meters) off the ground.
  • Ulu Temburong National Park, Brunei – 164 feet (50 meters) off the ground.


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