Texas Man Forges Wife’s Signature And Divorces Her Without Her Knowing


Everything you can imagine might happen in reality. What you may see in a movie, it can become a strange reality. Don’t be surprised by the things people do. One example is a Texan man who forged his wife’s signature to divorce her, and now he is on the run after authorities discovered his manners.

Paul Nixon is a 51-year-old Texan who lives in Harris County. He purportedly alleged his notary’s and wife’s signature in legal divorce papers. The cops reported that Nixon filled the paperwork on February 15, with a judge. Two months later, he offered the paperwork, which made it legal to divorce his wife.

Nixon’s wife discovered she was divorced without her permission and she immediately called the police. Now, Nixon is under investigation for aggravated forgery after the authorities found out he broke the law.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman said: “We rarely see something like this. In this particular case, the gentleman decided to go through a divorce, but the only problem is, he left his wife out of the process. And that’s a violation of the law here in Texas. “

“His wife was very surprised. She started finding things showing that he was spending money on jewelry, so she confronted him and he told her that they were actually divorced.”

Nixon submitted “several forged documents and false information including a forged waiver of service”, according to a press release on the constable’s Facebook page. In an effort to divorce his wife, he even forged signature from a notary.

However, the police filed a nullification of the divorce, and Nixon and his wife are husband and wife once again.

Herman said: “They are still legally married. The fraudulent divorce papers have been retracted.”

After that, the police announced he was wanted and needed to be sentenced for the crime he made.

One of the authorities claimed: “We have teams out looking for him right now, I can tell you. And we have an idea where he’s at. So hopefully, he’ll turn himself in. If not, we’ll catch him. Just a matter of time.”

For aggravated perjury, Nixon has a no-bond warrant out for his arrest. When a person makes a false statement during or in connection with an official proceeding, it is so-called aggravated perjury. The false statement is “material” if it is a divorce paper for example. It is classified as a Class D felony.

Third-degree felony, as this in Nixon’s case, subject to 10 years prison. The punishment varies from state to state under state law. But since perjury is a felony, it may lead to a prison sentence of a minimum one year with additional probation and fines.

This man didn’t manage to divorce his wife, and on top of that, he committed a crime and got caught. After all, he will be away from his wife while he’s staying behind bars.





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