The Ancient City of Hegra in Saudi Arabia UNTOUCHED for Millenia GOES PUBLIC


Saudi Arabia is now ready to open the millennia-old ancient archaeological site that people know by the name of Hegra, to the general public.

As we said, Hegra remained undisturbed for nearly 2,000 years before they decided to take this major step and it is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site of the kingdom.

The lucky travelers will be able to see that Hegra’s rock-cut formations look somewhat similar to its significantly more well-known sister ancient site that people know by the name of Petra.

You can visit Petra just a few hundred miles north of Jordan. Hegra, interestingly enough, was the Nabataean kingdom’s second region. However, Hegra has a much greater influence and tells a much greater story than just playing Petra’s second fiddle.

Rumors has it Hegra could hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of an ancient civilization almost forgotten.

Hegra is an incredible site that works as a sort of synthesis for all travelers who like to visit landscapes, but who also like to have a historical experience at the same time.

The tomb depicts the Nabataean style of living. On the other hand, the monumental designs that are deeply carved into the rocks demonstrate the architectural skills of all the civilizations that lived there as of late Antiquity. The only visitors allowed for now are the ones within the Sharman Nature Reserve.

In September, the year of 2019, Saudi Arabia surprisingly introduced tourist visas for the very first time ever, bringing casual tourists into the country without a business or religious target.

Hegra is definitely highly likely to end up as one of the highlights when travelling to Saudi Arabia. It really has the most enigmatic and wildly eye-catching architecture.

How would you like to visit Hegra?



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