The Average Size of an American Woman is Not 14 Anymore


In recent times, women don’t seem to enjoy shopping as much as they used to. Nowadays, for a great number of women, shopping turned out to be frustrating, annoying and not good for one’s personal self-esteem. That is so, because of the popular scale that unfortunately does not apply to all women. Retailers have been following the latest report on the average size of a woman, which is 14. The clothing industry has blindly followed it and adjusted its sizes. Thus, the clothing lines sell up to size 12. But frankly speaking, this information is totally outdated. For that reason, there is a study whose basic idea is to point out that this scale is completely wrong.

The Study of Deborah Christel and Susan Dunn

Two women, Deborah Christel and Susan Dunn, conducted a research on the topic and published it in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education. In the research, they point out that the average size on an American woman turns out to be between 16 and 18. According to them, the previous information on the average size of an American woman is about 10 years old. And that is probably the reason why there are so many women across America who don’t find shopping to be pleasing anymore. As a matter of fact, these two ladies got the idea for this research because they found it hard to fit into many clothes for the past few years. They said that sometimes, they felt a bit forgotten by the clothing industry.

Details About the Study

For the purposes of the study, they took into consideration measurements of over 5,500 women across United States. They found out that the average waist measurement increased by 2.6 inches in the last two decades. And now, it seems like in 2019 that average has increased for another, additional 1.2 inches. So, in 2019 the average is about 38.7 inches. Therefore, the average size of an American woman now is between 16 and 18, which corresponds to women’s plus size 20W. Anyways, as said before most of the stores seem to have access to stylish fashion for women who wear the size 14. They don’t seem to care about people not being able to fit into that size of clothing.

The Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to raise the awareness of the fashion industry about the fact that the average size of an American woman has changed. Consequently, the retailer should keep in mind that they should do something about it. According to the authors behind this research, larger women do not deserve to be “thrown out” of the fashion world. They don’t want retailers to oblige them to purchase clothes found in the small plus-size section. These women don’t deserve to have limits when shopping for clothes, just because this body figures do not correspond to the average scale they’ve been following for the past 10 years. Thus, it’s high time for things to be changed. They should change the size 14 with the size between 16 and 18. That way, the retailers will help women to boost their self-esteem and bring back the enthusiasm for shopping.


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