The Magical Beauty Of Looking Up At Trees In The Middle Of A Forest Capture By Photographer


People who love to spend even a short period of time in nature are lucky because nature reveals its beauty from all angles.

The beauty of nature is originally showed by an Italian photographer Manuelo Bececco by doing many projects in his life. He has recently captured the silent beauty of trees in his inspiring landscape imagery, by using strategically light and color of the forests to create his artwork on the pieces of nature. With the play of light and shadows, he succeeds to transform the images into a magical and mystical world.

Each image in his projects stands for a personal sentiment or milestone in his life. By manipulating light and different perspectives he is capturing a certain mood and ambiance. He is often shooting from below, accommodating both the big picture and tiny details of the forest. So, people can see everything from textured tree trunks to pinpricks of light shining through the gaps between leaves.

The photos of the trees became a central part of his artworks, but he also deals with wedding and travel photography. He loves to experiment with angles and textures to glorify wooded environments.

In an interview with Modern Met he explained:

“In the middle of the woods, I seem to see everything in my own way – giant trees or branches that form barriers, irises of the eyes. …These are things that I only see in my mind and that I can sometimes turn into photographs.”

He explains how he sees things in his own unique way in the woods which he turns into photographs. His skillfulness for delivering changes, across seasons and times of the day, allows him to bring the forest’s ambiance to the people who are interested in his artwork. Even though he considers these photographs very personal, their acclamation in the public is a pleasant experience for him and it is challenging him to continue with that type of art.

Explaining how this photography is different from other landscape photography, he emphasizes the mood, as a very important component, which is able to convey his feelings and understanding to his audience and brings all immense joy.


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