The New “Beauty Trend” For 2020 – To Decorate Your Nails With Tiny Hands And Feet – Video


Fashion trends are changing daily, which is why they are also known as fast fashion. This also happens with nail trends, which can be cute, creative, unique and inspiring, but some are bizarre and even creepy! People share this on social networks and compete over who would surprise or shock the online community.

The video, posted by the very popular Instagram accounts @nail_sunny and The Sun, showed unconventional manicure trends, which seems confusing to most people.

Nail extensions with the appearance of a hand or foot are shown here, which seems confusing because when you look at only one hand, 25 fingers are visible. Whether it is appropriate anyone can judge for its part, but it can be said that there is still too much nail art.

Watch the video:

The clip shows nails that require a lot of effort or precision.

A technician with such an unconventional manicure glues artificial nails to each nail, which are shaped into the foot, and then stains each nail in the color of the flesh.

The comments for this video are various, so many people ask why it is done, and others say that it is weird’ and “fearful.” One said:

“This is worse than the bug nails but I’m kind of into it.”

One user commented that if he saw it, I couldn’t even eat, while another concluded:

“This is not a beauty trend – this is to see how social media influences and how stupid people are to believe in it and go out on their own.”


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