The Off-Grid Home That Costs Less Than $40,000 And Can Be Built In Only 6 Hours!


People are aware that the real estate sector in United States is in pure chaos. The cost of construction is changing on daily basis and becoming a home owner seems like a really hard goal. Owning a house in the United States costs at least $309,000. We must confess that it’s a bit too much. Now there is an opportunity for the Americans to become owners of a modern, well-built house for only $40,000.

The architect behind the idea

There’s a company that came up with a brilliant solution for this issue. It is offering affordable houses that they build for several hours. That’s an easy and cost-effective solution. That way, many people get a chance to become property owners. Renato Vidal is the architect behind the idea, who was shocked that affording a house was such a big problem for people. So he used his architect and financial experience and came up with the idea to build a “tiny home” that anyone would be able to afford.

His latest design, called MADi home is changing the face of home construction. These days people have learnt the value of minimalist living and “tiny home” community. The concept of “tiny house” features homes from approximately 100-400 sq. ft. This may sound too small, but homeowners of such places say that it’s all about downsizing, keeping to belongings only and maximizing storage, which leaves more space than you could have imagine. On the plus side, this type of house owners apparently have less debt and more savings in their bank account.

For those who are not that much fond of the idea of “tiny house” concept, the MADi home is offering houses that provide more than twice the space at an incredibly lower price than the standard new built home. You can choose from one-bedroom 290 sq. ft. home, for $39,999 to three-bedroom 904 sq. ft. one for $99,900. Each one of them consists of kitchen connections, a bathroom provided with sanitary facilities and a staircase. They are provided with LED lightening, grey water system and solar panels. And what is more, these fully functional off-grid houses will be habitable in two days.

How do they built them?

Most of the construction of the house is made off-site when you order it. The new owner can wait for up to 60 days for delivery, once the final designs are approved by him/her. When you get the delivery, it is extremely easy to complete it, saving you costs for labor and making it possible for you to enter your new home much faster than you could’ve ever imagined. Do you believe that this could be the new face of home construction?



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