The Only Way To Win With A Toxic Person Is Not To Play


Toxic people are present everywhere, in the family, at work in schools and universities, and it is difficult to avoid them completely. Even so, when they identify, some may have limited exposure, but they always find ways to get closer to the people they want to be with.

What characterizes toxic people is that they do not feel bad about what they do and that they have no desire to apologize at all, even if they say in words that they are sorry. So, never expect to get the apology you deserve, because it’s not inherent to them. They do not see or admit their injustices, and in terms of appropriating something that is not theirs, they will try to take more. They continue to exploit people, and they can go as far as people allow them. Their motives are always related to their interests and not to someone else’s.

Toxic people will manipulate others, use them, and spend their time to the extreme. They look down on others because they feel that no one is at such a high level as they are. They exploit others by believing that they owe them, even though these people really don’t owe them anything.

Toxic people never take responsibility for their actions, so instead of fixing them, they will just push them further. They never give up if they want to achieve something and fight to the very end, trying to pull the wool over the eyes of others. The sooner people who are their victims realize that they are not guilty of what they are accused of, the easier it will be to deal with toxic people and manage to control them. They very rarely receive the guidance offered to them and all persuasions simply fail.

This above confirms that allowing such people to hold space in someone else’s life will only bring them down.

The video below will help you figure out whether someone in your life is toxic.

How to Identify Toxic People

The sooner those people are identified, the quicker others can get them out and away from their personal energies. It is a reality that no one on this planet is perfect, and people all make mistakes but doing the following things can be a sign that they lead you to the toxic people:

  • They blame others for the negative feelings and circumstances in their life.
  • Others are wrong and they are right all the time
  • Toxic people disregard other boundaries
  • They are habitually dishonest
  • Apologizing isn’t their normal behavior
  • They revel in being victims
  • Habitually are sarcastic
  • They refuse to listen to others
  • They make others feel defensive about their decisions
  • Their behavior is inconsistent
  • They have no interest in what’s important to others
  • Their achievements are in the first place.
  • They take, take, and take – the time, possessions, attention of others—without consideration or any thought of returning or giving back what they’ve taken

Ways to Deal with Toxic Family Members

As these people are not going to change and coming to terms with that will do others a lot of good it is really important to know how to deal with them, especially with the members of the family. The following suggestions can help you deal with these people:

  • Establish boundaries – A healthy boundary system
  • Assert but don’t condescend – Be firm with your boundaries without making anyone feel bad. Tell them what you can do for them.
  • Avoid discussing private matters with them.


To deal with a toxic person in any part of your life, you must be mindful of the moments when you need to apply them. Remember that toxic people can only change if they want to, but you must not lose yourself to their demands or their negative influence.


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