The Right One Won’t Be Bothered By Your Flaws, Weirdness And Your Overthinking Mind


The person that wants to spend the rest of their life with you will not be concerned or judgmental to your flaws.

No matter how you call the person, soulmate, lover, one true love, or twin flame, that person will not be troubled with the imperfections that you might have.

Instead, they will accept who you are and be happy about it. Instead of judging your wild side, they will fall in love with it and find those imperfections cute. Even if you have different ideas or opinions about stuff, they won’t wish to change them. They will be inspired by the different thinking and question you to understand you better.

Your true love won’t be concerned about your overthinking and loud mind. Instead, they will try to help you lower your insecurities and calm your paranoias. Instead of judging you, they will try and understand why you are overanalyzing everything and try to help you. Once they figure out that the reason for your overthinking is the love and care you have for them, they will love you even more.

If you two fight, the love of your life won’t run away from it but try to talk to you about it. They will confront you and try to solve the issues that the two of you have. Additionally, they don’t mind your mini breakdowns. When you feel weak, they will be by your side and make you feel comfortable. By holding your hand, they will let you know that everything is going to be fine and that life gets better.

Your weirdness won’t impact your loved one negatively. Instead, they will find those traits funny and cute. Your weirdness will most likely compliment theirs, thus allowing a great relationship to develop. Their jokes will make you laugh so hard your stomach will hurt. You will feel comfortable being yourself in front of this person without being embarrassed about what you say and how you act.

The intensity of the love you two have won’t discourage your true love. Instead, they will feel enjoyment and comfort by the small acts of love you show to them. Treating them with love, care, and comfort won’t be a problem since that will make them the happiest person in the world. This person will be delighted to spend their life with you and will never want to have a break from you.

Lastly, your true love will never leave you, hurt you, or lie to you. They will take care of you and give as much love to you as they can.


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