The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger (Mine Was Spot On)


You can find out everything about your personality by looking at your hands. The length of your little finger (A, B, or C) will show you your personality traits. Take the test and see if the results are accurate.

Type A

These people are typically introverts and don’t show their emotions because it’s challenging for them. On the outside, these people are strong and independent whereas, on the inside, they have a warm heart and enjoy the company with people that are close to them. They also dislike hypocrisy and lies.

It’s easy to be friends with them since they are very loyal if you are honest and loyal to them.

Even though they might be cold at times, especially towards people that they don’t know, it’s in their nature because of their unusualness and arrogance.

Type B

These people are very sensitive and put their close ones before anything else. They are loyal and give out love and attention to the ones close to them. However, they do not like disappointment which is why they’re picky with their close friends. Even if they make you think that they don’t want anyone in their life, they hope to find a soulmate.

They’re great at commitment whether it’s about friends, family, loved ones, career, or education. These people are also very calm and don’t want to get involved in confrontations.

Type C

People with Type C little finger are often optimists that spread positive energy. They’re easy to forgive since they don’t hold grudges and their hearts are pure. However, they can be demanding and egocentric, especially if they’re right about something. But if things go too far, they will be the first to apologize.

These people value the opinion and feelings of others even though they keep their emotions to themselves. The unknown is what they’re most afraid of so they avoid it. Stepping out of the comfort zone can do them good.


A person’s personality defines his way of thinking, behaving, or feeling as well as his attitudes, moods, or opinions when interacting with others. Typically, personality traits are the behavioral characteristics of a person which distinguishes them from everyone else. These personality traits can be observed from the person’s relations to the environment or a social group.

Even though experts claim that every individual is different from one another, there are some similarities that they show towards others. One’s thoughts and behaviors are indeed completely individual but some traits are proven to be similar to others. For example, there are people classified as introverts or extroverts. The introverts tend to keep things to themselves compared to the extroverts who like expressing themselves as much as possible. These two personality traits can be found in almost every person (some people can be a hybrid of both, depending on the situation or mood).


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