The Soap that Leaves You Smelling Like an Outlaw: Gunpowder, Campfire and Whiskey


Whenever you go camping and come back, your hair probably smells a bit of campfire. Once you shower and that smell fades, you see that the adventure is over. However, with Outlaw Soap you can be clean, fresh, and still smell like the campfire adventure. The soap also leaves you smelling of whiskey and gunpowder. They gave this soap a really iconic name: Fire in the Hole.

If you’re not into guns or whiskey, you might be interested in mountains. As you sit on your chair, you might be reminiscing of an old mountain trip you’ve had a while back. This company will make those memories real with their “Mountain Hideout” soap. These memories will become clearer since you’ll be able to smell them. The soap has a smell of damp earth, pinecones, and campfire.

Outlaw Soaps has tons of scent selection to choose from. Other soaps that you can find them selling are the Blazing Saddles which they claim is the sexiest soap ever. It smells of gunpowder, warm leather, and sandalwood. Additionally, they sell Lust in the Dust which smells like desert sage. Outlaw Soaps “make ruggedly awesome handmade, small-batch soaps, lotions, lip balms, colognes, and whatever else we can concoct.”

Danielle and Russ Vincent are the creators of the Outlaw Shop. They planned to find “a way to connect yourself with happy memories, good places, inspiring environments, and, more than anything, to remind you to live your best life… All of our scents, including desert sage (Lust in the Dust), whiskey (Hair of the Dog) and all the others (Unicorn Poop is its own story) are designed just to get you outside and remind you the daily grind is not the grind of your life. “

The soaps that the Outlaw Shop sells are completely vegan and made with high-quality ingredients such as avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, distilled water, fragrance oil, sodium hydroxide, and coloring. The odor of the soap is created with organic grain alcohol and fragrance oil. These products are tested only on humans.


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