The Incredible Power of the Third Eye Kiss

Kissing with the Incredible Power

Kissing the people on the forehead (so-called the third eye) has a specific meaning form many people who look at it much deeper. This kissing is understood as a kissing the person on his/her soul, in a sense.

It comes from the thoughts that your foreheads are not often touched by others, like some other parts of your body.

The third eye center is situated between the eyebrows. It is generally inactive spiritual center but its activation gives you intuition, insight, and connection to your higher centers. It is a gate to the inner realm as well as the spaces of what we consider to be higher mindfulness. It is also treated as a symbol of who we are, associating with awareness and enlightenment.

If somebody genuinely loves someone and care for him/her the third eye kiss can be a great uplifting experience for both of them.

By kissing the forehead, exactly where the third eye is located the person feels awakening being brought from within. Just to clarify, the pineal gland which is said to be our third eye, is located in the forehead, where can be imagined a third eye to be. This gland is mysterious and we know little about.

Kissing stimulates the pineal gland as well as the pituitary gland and this releases melatonin, which helps people to get a good night’s sleep. That means that a good night kiss on the forehead might be very beneficial in more ways than you can imagine.

For numerous people, the third eye kiss brings a sense of wellbeing and security.

For all of you who are skeptical about this, you can try it with your partner, family members or close friends. If you try this frequently the results will be more noticeable.

The third eye kiss is a very inspiring experience for everyone!

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