There are Clear Succulent Plants that look like Tiny Opals and they are Breathtaking


Succulents are plants that have become super popular over the last few years and the dream plant to have them in numerous homes around the world. They are easy to maintain and just about anyone can grow them, beginners included. There are hundreds of unique varieties and look beautiful, like tiny opals!

Where to Find Succulents?

With the rising of their popularity, many more nurseries are starting to carry them. They can be found in warm areas, for the majority of the year. Colder areas are starting to carry succulents as well, but the quality varies greatly depending on the time of year.

Fortunately, the great thing is that there are tons of succulents for sale online!

Maintaining Succulents

Succulents need specific care because they need to be placed in a bright area of the house, but without direct sunlight, because during the hottest part of the day the sun will kill them off.

They don’t need to be watered often, so during the summertime, it should be at least once a week, while during the winter, water them once a month. Pay attention to the topsoil, and why it is dry, then you should water it. They are very sensitive to overwatering, but on underwater as well, which means that setting a reminder for watering them will be of great help.

Succulents succeed well in a cactus mix soil, which is abrasive and drain fast.

However, each succulent has different needs when it comes to lighting, temperature, and water. For that reason, it is necessary to know differences for any type of succulents, which will help to keep them alive easier. Now there is the specific care information for individual varieties, which are specified in the Succulents ID Cards.


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Here is the list of 20 most popular succulent plants in the world, which are categorized by indoor and outdoor varieties:

Indoor varieties:

  • Burro’s Tail (sedum morganianum)
  • Crown of Thorns (euphorbia milii)
  • Flaming Katy (kalanchoe blossfeldiana)
  • Jade Plant (crassula ovata)
  • Aloe Vera (aloe vera)
  • Panda Plant (kalanchoe tomentosa)
  • Pincushion Cactus (mammillaria crinita)
  • Roseum (sedum spurium)
  • Snake Plant (sansevieria trifasciata)
  • Zebra Plant (haworthia fasciata)

Outdoor varieties:

  • Hens-and-Chicks (sempervivum tectorum)
  • Stonecrop (sedum spp.)
  • Whale’s Tongue Agave (agave ovatifolia)
  • Ball Cactus (parodia magnifica)
  • Plush Plant (echeveria pulvinata)
  • Dudleya (echeveria spp.)
  • Pig’s Ear (cotyledon orbiculata)
  • Zwartkop (aeonium arboreum)
  • Sunburst (aeonium davidbramwellii)
  • Torch Plant (aloe aristata)

In the video below you can find more information for the types and maintaining this kind of plants:



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