There is a Spa That Offers Snake Massages And People Love Them


A new way of relaxing is only for those who are not terrified of snakes. Beauty spa in Israel is offering an exciting snake massage for $80.00 per hour. For some of you that didn’t know, snake massages have been applied in many Indonesian spas for a fairly long time. If you feel comfortable experiencing this non-commercial way of massage you have to lay still, while large non-venomous snakes crawl all over your back, spine, face, legs, and arms.

The way that snakes crawl and move is as efficient as hands’ movement. The clients have to let go of all of their fears and try to enjoy this soothing and cool feeling.

Ada Barak, a spa owner in Israel, was delighted by the feeling of the snakes’ movement. She, therefore, decided to bring it into her business. Barak explains that many costumers refuse to try this massage because of the idea of having serpents crawling on their bodies. However, when they get past their initial fear, they enjoy the experience. Amazingly, some of her clients preferred to touch and even hold the snakes. According to her, one client described they had a feeling as “soothing, like a cold compress.”

People that find disturbing to have large snakes crawling on their bodies or have a deep muscle massage can ask for very tiny and medium-sized snakes. As they are tiny, they can crawl between your fingers and toes, which will make you feel ticklish.

In her spa center, Barak mainly uses corn snakes, milk snakes, and California and Florida king snakes. Before they place the snakes on a client’s body, they are thoroughly washed and dried off. Just to let you know, snakes are not thorny or slimy as you think. They are naturally cold and dry and cause a smooth feeling.

You have to be relaxed to enjoy because the snake massage is not as scary as it sounds.

If you are looking for a massage near you, consider Serpentessa spa.

Serpentessa specializes in Boa Constrictors and she is both a snake priestess and an inter-species facilitator. Despite giving snake massages, she works at the Dreaming Goddess gift shop in Poughkeepsie, New York. While working as an interspecies facilitator for more than 25 years, she uses her snakes too, as she says, “ignite awe and mystery in people’s lives.” She makes it clear that the serpents are independent and do not take orders from anyone, as they choose to travel around a person’s body making their own path and sometimes crawling around each other.

Serpentessa explained in an interview that the snakes are harmless, saying:

 “They tone and stimulate the vagus nerve in our body and that releases endorphins and oxytocin. Those are the feel-good hormones. There are no guarantees with a wild animal. You are the one who’s going to choose whether if it’s is safe for you or not. So no one has ever been hurt by one of my boa constrictors.”

Pam Kelly, one of Serpentessa’s clients, claims that she finds it enjoyable and it would become a regular thing for her. “It was a lot calmer and peaceful than I thought it would be,” said Kelly. “There was a point it felt like they were just hugging me around the shoulders. It just felt very calm – like I could fall asleep.”

For a 75-minute massage, Serpentessa charges $297. If you are willing to try a snake massage session, you can book one at Bedford Hills and New Platz, NY. You can have a cheaper experience if you live in Israel, otherwise, it may not be worth the plane ticket. If you are happy to try it, it will guarantee you a good time.


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