There’s a Jason Momoa Coloring Book to Ease Your Stress


Whenever we think of a much simpler, quieter, and relaxed time of our life, we tend to go back to our childhood. Almost everyone in the world has either colored something or used a coloring book when they were children. The coloring books contain amazing patterns or designs such as whirls and swirls. While the person colors anything, there’s a type of concentration that it brings which many people seek for refocusing or relieving stress and many of its symptoms. However, if you don’t want to color some cool patterns, you can always get a different kind of coloring book, like the one of Jason Momoa. Yes, you heard me right, a Jason Momoa coloring book made from Crush and Color.

By purchasing this Jason Momoa coloring book, you will get 35 pages of the amazing art of the great actor. You will see Aquaman, an iconic character that Momoa has acted, walking a pack of dogs as one of the pages. Another page is him relaxing in a bath which I’m sure some of you ladies might find it soothing.

Relax while coloring Jason Momoa relaxing. Life cannot get better than that, especially since it will help you relieve your stress.

You can purchase this Jason Momoa coloring book from Amazon.

However, if you’re not into Momoa, Crush and Color have a few other selections it offers. They released two new versions of the coloring books which include Edris Elba and Keanu Reeves. These coloring books are to be released in September and June respectively.


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