There’s A Theme Park That Allows Kids To Operate Construction Machinery


As children, all of us enjoyed going to theme parks and have fun on the rides. From rollercoasters to haunted houses, there are tons of things to do in a theme park. Here are the top five most famous themed/amusement parks in the United States.

Top 5 Theme Parks in the U.S.

  1. Universal Studios – located in Orlando, Florida, and Los Angeles, California.
  2. Walt Disney World Resort – located in Orlando, Florida.
  3. The Island in Pigeon Forge – located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
  4. Sea World – located in Orlando, Florida.
  5. Disneyland Anaheim – located in California.

Unusual Theme Parks

Aside from these top 5 theme parks, there are tons more scattered across the U.S. and even more across the world. Most of the above-mentioned theme parks are typically part of movie franchises (Universal Studios & Disney) made from big companies for fans to enjoy. However, some very unique and unusual theme parks exist around the world. Some of them are:

–  Popeye Village – located in Anchor Bay, Malta, this theme park’s inspiration is the old and beloved cartoon ‘Popeye’ the sailor man. It has lots of fun activities for children and tourists to enjoy.

–  Window of the World – a very intriguing theme park located in Shenzhen, China. More than 130 tourist attractions are located in 480,000 square meters (more than 5 million square feet) theme park as miniaturized replicas.

–  Hacienda Napoles – a theme park located in Puerto Triunfo, Colombia, as a memorial of the kingpin and drug-lord Pablo Escobar through exotic animals.

Again, this is only a small amount of unusual theme parks that you might run into around the world. There’s one very interesting and unusual amusement park located in the U.S. that allows children to operate construction equipment.


As many parents know, their children have been obsessed and star-struck with construction equipment. Many toy manufacturers have been creating excavators and dump trucks for children to play with. Now, with this theme park, they won’t have to imagine operating this ‘heavy’ machinery but go in and ride them.


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Diggerland allows children to operate construction equipment such as any other theme park allows them to ride on thrill rides and rollercoasters.

Located in West Berlin, New Jersey, children are excited about this kind of theme park. Miniature toy construction machines aren’t enough when they can play with the real thing. The machines are created as realistic as possible but aren’t dangerous to the children. They are fitted to be operated by tinier people.


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The theme park is 21 acres wide and it contains 25 different attractions so you shouldn’t worry that your child doesn’t have much to do there.

Aside from the construction rides, you also have access to the military truck adventures and the rope course for only $30 (day passes) or $50 (season’s pass).


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You can also celebrate birthday parties, adult activities, or corporate parties as part of Diggerlands packages. You can also have an annual family camp-out night! The park reopened again on 2 July post lockdown.


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