These 40 STUNNING Photos Show What Happens When Mother Nature Takes Over Again


People might believe that everything they do leaves a mark on the Earth, but the thing is that that’s only temporary. Mother Nature is constantly reminding us about her presence. And she’s doing it in her own little ways.

There are flowers growing through the cracks of sidewalks, abandoned places that are covered by the beauties of nature, even whole towns seem to be losing their battles against disappearing because of the force of nature.

The following photos will prove that Mother Nature is one of its kind and it always finds a way to remind us of her presence.

  1. A photographer took a picture at Ta Phrom, which is near Siem Reap in Cambodia. The picture features quite old temple ruins filled with old tree roots.

2. There’s an abandoned train station in Abkhazia, Georgia which is yet another prove that Mother Nature is amazing

Abandoned Train Station

3. Ta Prohm Temple, Agkor, Cambodia looks as if it got a cap in a form of tree roots. That is so, because the place is covered by a giant tree.

4. There’s a picture which is called “The square root of tree”. Again, Mother Nature showed how powerful she can be.

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5. An old, abandoned boat filled with shrubbery

'Ayrfield' & 'Mortlake Bank' wrecks in Homebush Bay

Image Souce: flickr

6. This is a picture of a graveyard, in Belgium. It resembles a vintage automobile graveyard.

Image Source: flickr

7. The location of this picture remained unidentified. On the picture you can see a big overgrown Ferris wheel.

Image Source: flickr

8. In Washington, on Vashon Island, there is tree that looks like it’s eaten a bike. That’s pretty cool because the bicycle is right in the middle of the tree.

The famed “Bicycle Eaten by A Tree” tucked in the woods right off the Vashon Highway on Vashon Island, Washington.

Image Source:

9. Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve, Long Island. This place features a railroad marked with trees from both sides and there are even some trees inside the road.

10. This unknown bridge reminds us one more time that Nature always finds its way.

Kudzu claims a bridge from reclaimedbynature

11. This war machine lost its fight against Nature.


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12. In Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State there a phone booth which is kind of unique. It is kind of accessorized by the wonders of Nature.

Mossy phone booth. Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State. [1024 × 683]. from AbandonedPorn

13. Nature totally took over this house which was built in the 13th century, and upgraded in the 16th


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14. This picture presents an abandoned road which slowly loses its battle against the powers of nature.

An old abandoned road slowly healing over and being reclaimed by nature. from pics

15. This photo represents an abandoned shoe, decorated by some features of nature.

Found a shoe in the woods from mildlyinteresting

16. There’s an abandoned city in Abkhazia, Georgia. The city called Akarmara is completely filled with trees and other green features of Nature.

Abandoned City Akarmara, Abkhazia from AbandonedPorn

17. If you look closely, you can see that there’s a sign with something written on it. But what makes it even more intriguing is that it’s found inside the tree. How awesome is that!

This tree has nearly totally grown around a sign. from mildlyinteresting

18. This house is found in an old section of downtown Kolkata, India. The tree is growing up against a 5-storey building.

A sacred tree reclaiming an occupied 5 story building in an old section of downtown Kolkata from reclaimedbynature

19. The fence obviously couldn’t resist the power of the tree.

This tree near my school track that absorbed a fence and shows the pattern on the bark from mildlyinteresting

20. There’s this abandoned car in Beijing which is completely covered by greenery. The only thing visible is its registration plates.

Abandoned car in Beijing from pics

21. It’s like the tree itself tells you not to do anything around there. You can just admire the beauty of it.

This tree has almost completely overgrown a large metal sign posted on it from mildlyinteresting

22. It looks as if the fence is eating the tree. Kind of funny though.

A tree eating a fence from mildlyinteresting

23. Someone posted a picture from a place in Puerto Rico that slowly gets taken over by nature. The place is definitely losing it.

I grew up on the Puerto Rico navy base which closed in 2004. It’s now overgrown and taken over by nature. I found a picture of the road I grew up on- this is the part after the hill behind me. It makes me sad, there were lots of good memories there from pics

24. This is a lost road in WA.

Lost road in WA from AbandonedPorn

25. Have you seen mushrooms growing through the floor of a house? Well, this is the chance for you to see something like that.

Mushrooms growing through the floor! from reclaimedbynature

26. This place is called Volkswoodland.

Just a little moss, it will buff out. from AbandonedPorn

27. This abandoned railway bridge between Krásný Jez and Ležnice, Czech Republic is true natural beauty. You cannot see something like that very often. So enjoy in it.

Abandoned railway bridge between krasny jez and leznice.JPG

28. There is a historic suburb in Austria that is totally overgrown by ivy.

This building was completely overgrown by ivy. from mildlyinteresting

29. It represents an overgrown rollercoaster. It’s really fascinating.

Overgrown Roller Coaster [615×768] from AbandonedPorn

30. It represents an abandoned stone cottage in Ireland.

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31. This abandoned train in the middle of nature is found somewhere in China.


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32. Now this is an abandoned escalator taken over by nature.

33. In Netherlands there is an abandoned bike that is covered by ivy.

Klimop neemt fiets over in Utrecht from thenetherlands

34. It’s like the STOP sign got eaten by the tree.

I saw a tree eating a stop sign. from mildlyinteresting

35. Old abandoned sugar mill chimneys seem to have trees grown on top of them.

Image Source: reddit

36. This is a statue of Buda which seems to have been reclaimed by Mangrove Forest

Image Source: reddit

37. This abandoned home in Norway got decorated by nature itself.

Image Source: imgur

38. This beauty belongs to an abandoned French château.

39. To finish with, here’s a picture of a tree consuming a bridge. Someone got creative and added googley eyes to it.

Image Source: reddit


Abandoned bridge near Manu, Peru getting overgrown with vines from reclaimedbynature

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