These Animal Planters Keep Themselves Hydrated By Drinking From Their Little Water Bowls


In these modern days, time can be very valuable for every person. Some days, you can even forget that you’ve had to water your plants on your to-do list.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution to this problem.

Firebox will help you stop neglecting your plants and also aid with brightening up your house. Firebox is an online retailer that sells a line of cute and practical drinking animal planters. These planters can be bought in four designs of animals: dog, frog, cat, and panda. These planters will help the plant sustain itself with hydration.

You will notice on the pictures of these planters that what connects all of the designs is the long tongue which is similar to the one Lickitung from Pokémon has. This tongue connects the soil to a bowl filled with water. As you add water to the bowl, the tongue will suck the water up and bring it up to the soil so that the plant can feed.

Not only is this self-sufficient planter very useful, but it is also very cute and an amazing item for decoration.

Each of the ceramic animals can have their type of plant on top of their heads. The cant has a wild strawberry whereas the dog has a clover plant. The panda has a basil plant and the frog has a mint plant. If you have a favorite animal planter you can get it by itself, whereas if you want all you can buy them for an adorable collection.

The Firebox website states that these Peropon Drinking Animal Planters will help you get the benefits of oxygen and amazing-smelling small plants without any effort because of its self-sufficient.

No matter which critter you order, you will receive a box with ceramic planter, soil, seeds, and water bowl. The dimensions are about 7cm width, 7.5cm height, and 10cm 1depth.

After you receive the order, you’ll just have to plant the seeds in the planter after you fill it up with the soil. Soak the tongue in the bowl full of water and the planter will start taking care of itself. However, do not forget to refill the bowl from time to time.

Make sure you place these planters near a place with sunlight so that the plants can grow beautiful and healthy.


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