These Black “Goth” Succulents Can Turn Your Home Into The Stuff Of Nightmares This Halloween


The pre-Halloween season is what most of us are waiting for. The scary, spooky ideas that people get for preparing and decorating their houses are what make the excitement so great.

Throughout the years there have been many ideas already used and there’s not a lot of new things that people could use for decoration. However, this black succulent became a major hit for Halloween decoration, especially due to its Gothic look.

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These dark plants have a different range in color. They vary from dark violet to jet black to forest green. Many people started sharing pictures of them on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #GothSucculents and #GothPlants. This is the reason why this plant became such a hit.

The black succulent can come in different sizes, shapes, and eerie hues. They became a crucial decorative item for the holiday.

The dark leaves on the plant resemble a monster claw. Picking up the darkest shade of the plant will give you a perfect effect because of the contrast it brings with the gourds and pumpkins.

The best choice is purchasing the Black Prince because of its dark purple and thick rosettes. This type of succulent can be bought on Amazon for about $10. They can grow up to 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

Another good choice is purchasing the Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’, also known as the Black Rose aeonium. This succulent is very popular and has a dark shade. It can range from dark purple to black. You can purchase it on Amazon for about $13. It can grow up to 3 feet tall and its rosettes of leaves can grow to 8 inches. They stand out in planters easily due to their dramatic burgundy-black color and they look like they’re made of plastic.

Additionally, if the last two are not of your taste, you can get the ‘Black Knight’ echeveria which has curved and thick rosettes and its leaves are pointed. Initially, they look like they have a bright green color but as they grow, they become much darker.

If you want to get a specific type of succulent in a different color, you can look to find pink, yellow, chartreuse, blue-green, white, and burgundy shades. Additionally, succulents can have different types of leaves. Depending on what you prefer, you can get rounded, ruffled, spiky, needlelike, and berrylike leaves.

These plants do not require much effort to grow. They need to be left in a dry and warm place. When the weather gets colder, make sure you put them inside your home.

Because of their special water-storage tissues, they can survive in dry environments in which most plants cannot. Due to their tissue, they can survive with no water much longer than other plants.

Make sure you don’t water them as much as the regular plants and place them on direct sunlight near a window.


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