These Cups Turn Into Mini Galaxies When Clear Liquid Is Poured Into Them


People use different methods to make their drinking party more interesting and enjoyable. Some do it by choosing places, some by choosing drinks and some by choosing the cups they drink from. So you can enjoy it if you drink from mermaid tail or Himalayan glasses made of salt. What we recommend is that you try drinking amazing cups that turn into mini galaxies when you add translucent liquid.

When you drink from these unique mugs, they allow you to sip the galaxy’s juice with every sip you take. The creator of these watches is Japanese artist Hiromi Sato and sells them at his Sansaku store.

They are named “Sora COCORO,” given by the designer. To produce them producer uses a stainless steel tumbler, and Sato adds his unique paint and texture, which give the cups an incredible design. In the final phase of the preparation is used a lacquer finish, and they are topped off with gold dust to give it that starry look.

Once you add in the clear liquid like water, vodka, tea, and more the design magnified and amplified.

They are unique, made in Japan with precise measurements, such as capacity of holding up to 1.25 oz. of liquid each and 2 inches tall. The Japanese galaxy cups have become so popular that they’ve sold out on the designer’s shop.

She states (translated):

“We have received many inquiries from customers, but the production is not in time. Due to the nature of the work, time must be received before delivery. Please wait until the situation where you can resume sales here.”

She also added that the producing can be prolonged because the quantity that can be manufactured is extremely small and there are too many inquiries. This is a reason why they sell a very limited quantity there for the sake. They are prioritizing now the production that Satomi Hiromi will exhibit at the end of November, at the Lexus Takumi Connection venue in Kyoto.

The extremely expensive price is because of the long time spent to be produced and the unique creation made by the designer for each cup.

Here you can see the slide show of these art cups:


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