This 30-Day Challenge Can Help You Get Rid of Your Muffin Top


Numerous people suffering from obesity are undertaking many activities to change this condition, and here we offer one of the better solutions. Our team offers a 30-day challenge that, in addition to losing weight, helps build the body.

Here are the exercise instructions included in this challenge:


The starting position is standing and the feet should be shoulders wide apart. Lowering your body into a squat position, place your hands on the floor in front of you. After getting back on your feet, lower your chest to make a push-up.

Return the chest up and legs in the home position. After getting up, jump in the air while clapping your hands on your head.


The starting position is the same as for burpees, with the chest raised and abandoned. With your arms straight in front of you, sit back and down as if you were sitting in a chair.

Going down, reach into the position that your thighs are parallel to the floor, with your knees above your ankles. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then, return to the starting position.

Russian twist

The starting position is creeping to the floor, with your feet under something that won’t move. Start lifting your body with your arms outstretched in front of you. Turn the torso to the right to the position until the arms are parallel to the floor.

Hold that position briefly and move back. Repeat movements on the opposite side.

Spider Plank

With your face down, stretch your legs down. Point your toes while placing your hands under your shoulders. Push upwards to reach the plank position.

When you bring your left knee to the right elbow, keep that position short and return to the starting point.

Try to follow the exercise schedule followed by a 30-day workout plan below:

Day 1st:

  • Burpees- 30 seconds
  • Russian twists- 15 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 15 seconds

Day 2nd:

  • Burpees- 35 seconds
  • Russian twists- 20 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 20 seconds

Day 3rd:

  • Burpees- 40 seconds
  • Russian twists- 25 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 25 seconds

Day 4th:

  • Burpees- 45seconds
  • Russian twists- 30 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 30 seconds

Day 5th:

This day is for rest.

Day 6th:

  • Burpees- 50 seconds
  • Russian twists- 35 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 35 seconds

Day 7th:

  • Squat-55 seconds
  • Russian twists- 40 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 40 seconds

Day 8th:

  • Squat-55 seconds
  • Russian twists- 40 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 40 seconds

Day 9th:

  • Squat-55 seconds
  • Russian twists- 40 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 40 seconds

Day 10th:

It is a day for rest.

Add 10 seconds to every exercise the next days.

Days 15th and 20th are for recovery.

Day 2th1:

  • Burpees-130 seconds
  • Russian twist- 115 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 115 seconds

Repeat this the next days.

Day 25th:

  • Recovery day.

Day 30th:

  • Burpees- 2 minutes
  • Russian twist- 40 seconds
  • Spider Plank- 40 seconds
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