This 9-year-Old “Sells” His Custom Pet Paintings For Food and Supplies For Animal Shelters


Everyone can make a change in our society, even the youngest of us. As long as we have the dedication and determination to do good and make a change we will do so. Pavel Abramov is a good example. He took unreserved responsibility and is helping animals that live in a shelter by swapping the portraits that he makes of pets. He exchanges those portraits for supplies and food for the shelters.

He got this idea after his family lost their pet named Barsik. This had a big impact on the child’s mind and ever since he couldn’t stand to see stray animals suffering. One year ago, Pavel and his mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova, started a project called “Kind Paintbrush”.

The mother and her child live in Arzamas city in Russia and they also have been managing a group called “What a little volunteer is capable of?” which is a group on VK (Russian social media site). The group’s purpose is to show how much a youngling can bring to the world. This duo doesn’t get any funds from organizations and they don’t have employees or managers. The only money they get is from their patrons.

Before Pavel makes a painting, he contacts the owners that are interested in getting a custom pet portrait and in exchange, he gets medicine, toys, food, and more for the animals in the shelter. Additionally, Pavel likes to meet the pets that he’s supposed to draw after finishing the painting. Pavel likes to hear the stories of every rescue pet and how the pets came in the home with its family.

Many pet owners and animal lovers gave a great response to Pavel’s deeds. These people are not only from Russia but around the world. Animal lovers from Spain and Germany have gotten their custom paintings made by Pavel.

Out of all the volunteers in the only animal shelter in Arzamas, Pavel is the youngest. He cares for over 100 dogs and needs pet supplies and food constantly. The custom pet portraits are being traded to the pet owners for whatever materials and supplies the shelter requires at the certain time.

The portrait that he made of Chuck was traded for 5 kg of buckwheat, medicine, and 10 cans of canned dog food.

For Ksyusha’s portrait, he got 6 kg. of buckwheat, canned dog food, medicine, and bandages.

For Jesse’s portrait, he got 3 kg. of buckwheat and 7 kg. of offal.

For the painting of Rex, Tuzik, Lusya, and Keks, Pavel got milk, cereals, canned beef, a packet of dry food, and some trimmings.

Basi’s portrait was given to Natalia in exchange for 10 kg. of pearl barley and 10 kg of buckwheat.

Pavel’s mother states that the entire family is proud of her son’s project “Kind Paintbrush”. Pavel wants to do many things with his limited time, just as any kid at his age. One of his biggest dreams is to become an architect and construct a building of an animal shelter. As of now, his help is more than enough.


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