This Couple Builds a Mini Pub in a Garden, Amazes People With Its Handmade Interior


One of the gentlemen’s dream has always been to have own pub in the garden, and the reasons for that are various. Someone is a sports lover of specific sports which are not showed in any pubs, others would like watching reruns, soaps, and reality shows and at the same time to take their social life into their own hands, while some people simply enjoy to have it and spend time with the members of the family and their friends.

Impacts of the Lockdown

However, since the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to people leaving the house and the pubs were closed, so many pub lovers were forced to do some other forms of entertainment, like using Zoom calls and having a drink with their friends. Some people who have already built their own bars use them for these purposes, while many decided to build one in the backyard or reconstruct any of their facilities in the house.

‘The Drunken Crab’

Of course, there are people who have decided to quit drinking at all and picked up new hobbies. The Crabs family didn’t want to avoid that pleasure and the couple realized that they needed to get a pub built in their garden, asking Octavia Chic – a private company for furniture transforming to give them an idea how to do that.  Amy, who is the mastermind behind Octavia Chic, and her husband very soon came with a creative solution and made plans to create a garden pub.

The job was finished for around three weeks and anyone who saw the pub was fascinated, but when the photos of the pub were posted on social media, they quickly went viral (21k people liked and 26k shared their photos).

According to the comments of the followers, the best part about this tiny pub is on the inside, as there were incredible creations planned to the smallest details. The pub is filled with handmade items and everyone who saw those details can easily believe that it’s a real pub—look for yourself!

Lauren Waterworth reviewed that Amy is so talented and can transform any piece of furniture into a masterpiece. He believes that she can completely understand the vision of the costumers and her finished project is always better than originally imagined.

A similar opinion for Amy has Nicola Lever, who reviewed that Amy has done two pieces of furniture for him and both of them look amazing and were done to a very high standard.

On the videos below you can see some pieces of furniture done by the Octavia Chic:

In this article, we offer you to see some ideas for Shed Bars that can find space in your Backyard. By building your own bar in your backyard you can unlock the hippest hangout in the neighborhood.

Here you can find a little constructive guidance:

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Own Pub

Since time began, men have needed personal places to hide away from the world and have a drink or three and to relax. Here, you are privileged to find nine the best and top pub-creating tips that can teach you how to do it:

1)         Make sure you balance the areas

Don’t let to overwhelm the room – balance it prioritizing the activities.

2)         They present a rare instance of acceptable neon

Make things as fluorescent as you want, from your name to your favorite drink.

3)         Show your love for sports

Create an atmosphere and area where you can enjoy when your team is winning, but respect the others too.

4)         Don’t be afraid not to go with a ‘theme’

Don’t push your pub to be something you’re not, so keep it simple, chilled, and include just touches of yourself in the decoration and furniture.

5)         Don’t be afraid to go gimmicky

Make this place to let your wildest dreams run wild, be sure that 75% of people want to do exactly the same.

6)         Go big or go home

Construction will certainly cost money, but if you have them for fun, don’t hold back, have some ambitions.

7)         Don’t be afraid to borrow your decor ideas

Borrowing ideas and designs from other establishments isn’t wrong, but follow in the footsteps of the professionals.

8)         Cinema screens are best when hidden

The pub should be a multipurpose room, not cinema, so hide the TV screen as much as it is possible.

9)         Pick your style and stick to your style

Your pub should feel like a united space, so approach design with an eye to make a room that is identifiably you – and in which everything matches.


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