This Homeopathic Remedy Can Help You Recover From the Flu Faster

The Logic, Wisdom and Scientific Evidence Used for Confirming the Effectiveness of Homeopathy

Every year, before the winter time, Big Pharma spreads fear and panic about the following “flu epidemic.” They use the sensationalized statistics, suggesting that the people will die or become very ill unless they vaccinate. However, even the many health organizations admit that the majority of these deaths are not from the flu but from pneumonia.

The merging of statistics is rare in medicine or science, but the economics of Big Pharma (or another big industry) are involved to use statistics to create fear and sell drugs.

According to the physicians and pathologists, a fever is one of the important defensive functions of the body, the method that your body deploys to fight viral infection. While the fever appears, the body secretes increased amounts of interferon, which is an antiviral chemical. By taking a fever-lowering drug, the body doesn’t secrete this antiviral chemical as much, which enables the virus to overwhelm the sick person.

Respecting the “wisdom of the body,” instead of using those conventional drugs to suppress a fever, a good physician or healer will help people to enhance natural defenses to react to the infection.

Many doctors, such as Dr. Royal Copeland, a homeopathic physician, don’t recommend the use of aspirin and encourage safer natural methods, including homeopathic medicines. He was later elected senator for the state of New York three times, and he wrote about the most important consumer rights laws and he also gave federal recognition to homeopathic medicines as “drugs.”

The human body, like many others living organisms, will do the extraordinary measures to survive. In doing so, they create symptoms as defenses and as adaptive measures to fight stress or infection.

In case of exposing to the flu virus, the body inflames into a fever as a defensive effort to fight the virus. In that process, the body increases its number of T-cells and B-cells, which stimulate the fighting of viral infection.

The logic and wisdom of homeopathic medicines are focusing on suppressing symptoms with fever-lowering drugs, in order to increase the person’s immune and defense system. For that reason, the first scientist to be granted the Nobel Prize in Medicine was Dr. Emil Adolf von Behring who discovered tetanus and diphtheria vaccines. He admitted, then that his discovery was inspired by homeopathy.

The bottom line is that the hormones in the body and cell-signaling agents are known to operate at nano-dose levels. According to the research published in the American Chemical Society, the homeopathic doses have significant amounts of nano-doses, too.

Homeopathy as a Form of Homeo-Immunotherapy

When practitioners prescribe homeopathic medicines, they are looking for specific syndromes of each disease, instead of the disease in general. For example, the syndrome of symptoms one person with the flu can have a fever, body aches, increased thirst for cold fluids and a frontal headache worsened by all types of motion.

In fact, from a homeopathic point of view, there are select conditions for which certain specific homeopathic medicines can be effective for larger groups of people, even they have different symptoms.

One of the best homeopathic medicine is called Oscillococcinum. This is a remedy that can be effective for many people with the flu, and it is most effective when used within 48 hours of getting flu symptoms. The homeopathic medicines are, mostly made from the mineral kingdom or plant, but, Oscillococcinum is made from the heart and liver of a duck.

The epidemiologists have determined that various birds, including ducks, carry influenza viruses in their digestive tracts, why we can hear about the “bird flu,” which in fact makes reference to this common source of the flu.

According to several scientific studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, the Oscillococcinum is really effective in healing the flu. The studies showed that Oscillococcinum helped in recovering from the flu within 48 hours in most than a half of the patients treated, while those who took a placebo only 17%.

Homeopathic Treatment Reduced Length of Influenza Illness

According to the Cochrane Collaboration, the group of researchers who evaluate scientific studies, the seven studies in 2004, which were based on using Oscillococcinum in the treatment or prevention of influenza, showed that Oscillococcinum treatment reduced the length of influenza illness by 0.28 days (95 percent confidence interval 0.50 to 0.06). It also increased the chance of a patient considering treatment effective.

In 2012 were made a new analysis of research on Oscillococcinum in the treatment of influenza with the conclusion that suggested that Oscillococcinum relieved flu symptoms at 48 hours. The reason why it is so effective is due to bias in the trial methods.

Other Homeopathic Medicines for Influenza:

• Gelsemium (yellow jessamine)

• Bryonia (white bryony)

• Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset)

• Rhus Toxicodendron (poison ivy

• Arsenicum album (aka white arsenic



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