This House Looked Like It Was About to Fall Into Itself!


We’ve all seen those TV shows where up-and-coming house flippers turn run-down houses into the most beautiful homes. Either renovating them into modern living spaces or restoring them to their former glory. One can appreciate the beauty behind it all. Increasingly growing in popularity, flipping houses can either turn nice profit or sink the renovator’s hopes and dreams. Welcome to the world of house flipping.

A whopping percentage of houses have been flipped in 2022

Based on real estate data gathered by ATTOM, nearly 1 in 10 houses sold in the first quarter of 2022 were flipped homes. This figure comes as the highest since 2000, nearly doubling since 2021. The reality is that flipping houses can be profitable when done right, but that doesn’t guarantee success. According to ATTOM, the actual profit margins have dropped substantially to their lowest point since 2009.

This house was turned into the most beautiful home

Nobody showed any interest in this 1887 York, Pennsylvania home when it was originally put on the market, but someone spotted a hidden gem and made magic happen. Originally designed in the Queen Anne style, it once featured delicate brick detailing, contrasting trims, a large porch and many decorative details.

This project shows how fun renovating houses can actually be. Enriched with stunning shades of terracotta red, gold and olive green, the patio is now a welcoming space for afternoon relaxation. The once run-down garden now boasts beautiful flowers and trees.

An inviting front entrance for this flipped house

A beautiful entranceway restored wooden pocket door, and stunning glass fittings welcome you into a new cheerful space. It seems that flipping houses can be a real art form. One finds themselves stepping back in time when entering this family home, where even the photographs and paintings on the walls remind one of the history of the place.

Five different kinds of wood make up the beautifully laid floor with splashes of color reflecting off of stained glass panels throughout with time-appropriate furniture adding to the aesthetic. Furthermore, period-style lighting adds romance to the place.

A stunning staircase covered in historic carpeting leads you upstairs to the most beautiful living spaces. One can imagine a time when children may have possibly played on the stairs, cheekily peeking down on their parents in a fun game.

There are 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms in this home, each with its own decorating scheme. This added charm really brings everything together beautifully. To think that if no one stepped in to rescue this crumbing memory, it would have been lost forever.

Living spaces in this flipped house made to inspire

Light filling every room is a gorgeous feature of this home, allowing for many study areas which look out on the beautiful garden and neighborhood. One could take up music, writing, art, or pretty much anything that requires creativity in such an inspiring space.

A beautiful sunny home with various workspace and living areas

Would you take on the challenge of flipping a home if you knew you could possibly bring back the warmth that once inhabited its hallways? It must have been quite a feature back in the 1800s when homes weren’t built on top of each other. A simpler time, but a beautiful one at that.

Now a licensed Bed and Breakfast, you too can go to sleep and dream of a time that once was, comforted in gorgeous timeline accurate linen, waking to a time before modern distractions. It will feel like you’ve stepped right back into the 1800s.

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