This Lemon Essential Oil Trick in the Morning Will Activate Your Metabolism, Balance pH Levels and Reverse Inflammation


You have surely already heard or tried the numerous health benefits offered by the habit of drinking a glass of water with lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach.

Unfortunately, it also comes with one side-effect- as the acid in the lemon juice erodes the teeth enamel, and thus increases the sensitivity of the dentil and leads to dental issues. This risk cannot be avoided entirely, even when using a straw or brushing the teeth prior to drinking this drink.

Yet, there is a solution- in the form of lemon essential oil!

According to Dr.Axe:

“Lemons and lemon essential oil have been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide spectrum of health conditions for at least 1,000 years. Citrus plants are the main sources of benefit-rich essential oils because of their many uses in food and medicine. And lemon oil is one of the most popular citrus essential oils because of its versatility and powerful antioxidant properties.

The health benefits of lemon essential oil have been well established scientifically. Lemon is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body and it’s widely used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, rejuvenate energy, purify skin, and fight bacteria and fungi.”

This essential oil is made of the rinds of lemons, and it is not acidic since its pH is neutral. It is also high in d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies the liver and inhibits the spread of cancer cells. Additionally, the essential oil is better absorbed in the body.

All you have to do is to add a few drops to a glass of water and drink it to energize the body, treat acne, heartburn, gallstones, cleanse the colon, help weight loss, renew the body cells, regulate the function of the lymphatic system, and fight respiratory issues.

Therefore, it is the best morning drink you can have!

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