This Majestic Maine Coon Is Named Lotus And Is a Gigantic Ball of Love


Everyone who loves cats will adore this beautiful Maine Coon cat, as he is specific looks are eye-catchy even for those who are not interested in cats. Felines are cute, fluffy, and cuddly, and if you show them, love, they will return it.

With his elegance and warmth, this Maine Coon cat named Lotus will make your day better. Make sure you check out his Instagram profile, which has over 270,000 followers. The majestic cat Lotus became popular in an instant, as he is a special cat breed.

Lotus looks pretty much like a lion, as it has a distinctive long fur around the face that looks similar to a lions’ mane. His features are breathtaking, as he has lynx-like ears, huge paws, and majestic tail.

Maine Coons are the largest breed of domestic cats and are hailed as the Gentle Giants.

Until they are about four-years-old, they don’t stop growing. Male Main Coons are approximately 40 inches long and weight from 15 to 25 pounds.

Don’t be fooled by their looks; they have a loving personality and are friendly among people, apart from being enormous. Like every other cat, they love to play and are attached to their owners.

As Lotus lives with his family in Sweden, he constantly visits breathtaking places. He likes to visit his Maine Coon sister, Marion. They love to spend time with each other outside in the grassy backyard, and their owners often take them hiking in the nearby mountains.

He gained followers from around the world with his grace, and they cannot wait to see Lotus taking on another adventure.

Lindstein is his owner that says: “He loves to sleep on the backrest of the house and sleep in bed [with us]. He is very kind, gentle and careful. He loves his family, likes to kiss. He often sleeps on his back, very relaxed!”


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