This New Cinema Is Offering Double Beds Instead Of Regular Seats For An Experience Like Never Before


One of the most despised things about cinemas is their reclining seats. However, a cinema in Switzerland made a more enjoyable experience by replacing these reclining chairs with double beds. Many cinema fans are content with this idea and think that they will enjoy watching a movie in the cinema in a cozy bed.

The inventor of this concept thinks that people who binge-watch series on Amazon Prime and Netflix will be attracted by this idea. This project follows protocols that will keep the cinema by the highest hygienic standards.

Cinema lovers started asking many questions. Are these couples only beds and will people watch the movies with colleagues or friends be comfortable with lying in bed together? The Cinema Pathé in Spreitenback opened these VIP Bedrooms. This municipality is located near the Swiss-German border. Watching movies at the cinema is a popular thing at the moment and this project has big chances of working.

The CEO of Pathé Switzerland, Venanzio Di Bacco, says that the hygiene of the cinema will be emphasized. The sheets will be changed after every movie. The structure of the cinema was tested abroad and it worked perfectly.

People who go to the movies will be able to pick any of the eleven double beds that are available in the VIP Bedroom screening. These beds all have headrests which can be adjusted electronically. The price for these tickets is about $48.65 with includes drinks and food.

Regular ticket’s price is $19.36 if you do not want to drink or eat anything. The cinema Pathé’s VIP hall has a 350-capacity Imax cinema with single and double beds.

Criticist hit this project hard about bed bugs and diseases that could be transmitted through this concept. However, the creator is excited and content with the testing, thus expanding the VIP Bedrooms across the country should create no problems.

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