This Office Chair Lets You Lie Down Flat for Naps at the Office


The negative effects of sleep deprivation are felt tremendously almost every day at work.

Most of the people try to combat it by drinking many cups of coffee until the end of our working time, which is not a healthy option, because causes plenty side effects.

However, recently, experts confirmed again and again that taking a short nap is the best way to energize and get back to work.

According to Sara C. Mednick, Ph.D., author of Take a Nap, explained that taking a nap for about 20 minutes will change the life of every worker, as it helps to reset the system and boost the alertness and motor performances.

As a serious issue, sleep deprivation can interfere with people’s mood, reaction time, stress levels, mental clarity, blood pressure, metabolism, and memory.

This method of recharging the brains with a nap has been practiced in some American workplaces, and the employees are encouraged to take a short nap.

We can mention some of them: NASA, Mercedez-Benz Financial Services, Huffington Post, White & Case, and many other brands.

This is also approved for the Google employees, while David Radcliffe—Vice President, Real Estate and Workplace Services, strongly believe that the workplaces are incomplete without a nap pod.

  • Here we offer you some tips, which will get the most out of your nap:
  • Nap at the same time every day
  • Your nap should be approximately 20 minutes
  • Because the warm temperature can help you fall asleep faster – have a blanket
  • Avoid late naps, as they can interrupt your nighttime sleep cycle
  • Choose to sleep in a dark and quiet environment
  • Avoid daytime power naps, which are usually taken because of the sleep condition, since they can aggravate it

We found that the invention of the Japanese retailer Thanko, known as the “Lay Flat Office Chair”, will be the right thing for this purpose.

It looks like a standard wheeled office chair, but it can be converted into a completely perpendicular office bed. Everyone who has already tried it is satisfied with the results – it virtually changed the napping experience at work!

The price of this equipment is approximately US$600 and can be ordered from every part of the World.

Here are some of the characteristics of this chair:
  • Weighs 48.5 lbs
  • Measures 25.2 inches wide x 51.2 inches tall x 68.9 inches deep when assembled

You will just need to venture through a Japanese website to purchase it.

Another option to get such a chair can be to look for some similar models available on Amazon, such as XUERUI 360 Degree Swivel Chair.

You can purchase it for the same price on Amazon or on Happybuy Executive Swivel Office Chair even cheaper.



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