This Parking Lot Is Turned Into A Safe Haven For The Homeless At Night


There are many reasons why people lose their homes, such as illness, debt, loss of a job, inadequate or no healthcare, inability to find work because of bad health, no money to pay rent or mortgage, or any other series of unfortunate events.

Because of losing their homes, homeless people stay on the streets or in bushes, which becomes their only alternative to sleep. They become one of the thousands, that have no choices to sleep in a safe and warm place, and they are searching for food in the trash. Unfortunately, some of them can’t get out of this situation quickly, which brings them to a sad end.

Much humanitarian organization is finding ways how to help those innocent people, including the non-profit Beddown from Australia, which founder is Norman McGillivray. His idea was born at the moment when he was walking through an empty parking lot one night, seeing the perfect space for a ‘pop-up’ shelter. Then he started planning and seeking willing partners and collaborators.

Beddown asked one of the largest car park operators, Secure Parking, and they together launched a two-week trial in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The organization aims to use free places only during the night, which can be turned into safe and secure shelters for homeless people.

One of the biggest problems for homeless people is sleep deprivation as they are constantly at risk of having it. As a result of living rough, it is followed by a few other conditions, like depression, hypertension, diabetes, memory loss, etc.

The additional services to the guests, including doctors, nurses, dentists, and hairdressers, during the trial, were provided by Beddown. They also provided them new clothing, a place to clean themselves, and necessary social services.

Beddown expresses its gratitude for volunteers by sharing the posts on Instagram and other social networks. They are thankful to their awesome group of volunteers who came in late on a Saturday night to help them a trial and set-up some beds, which brings their vision to reality.  This organization agreed to continue providing an immediate response for those who sleep rough to access safe, secure shelter. They will work with other collaborative partners in providing long term solutions to accommodate, educate and finding employment opportunities for their guests.

Here are some of many comments from those who were part of that trial:

“It’s the first time I have had a dream in years.”

“Being able to sleep all night and away from drugs, I’m clearer in the day and have not used drugs for 8 days.”

“After spending the week here, having a good sleep at night and a routine, it reminded me of life and I booked myself into Rehab for 6 months.”

“I don’t have to watch my back here.”

Mr. McGillivray has an idea to involve the kids – volunteers, who can help Beddown by talking to adults about potentially useful spaces in their own community. The kids could can also consider ways to raise money to donate to Beddown and other organizations that help people experiencing homelessness.

The Brisbane trial provided accommodation for 41 guests, with the possibility to extend them if needed.

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