This Robot Planter Follows The Sunlight & Throws Tantrums If You Don’t Water It


For all who love plants in their houses, there’s a new installation project of a walking planter called HEXA Plant, which is so much more than a trendy terra cotta pot. It is invented in order to keep your houseplants alive and make your home to look nice.

The original idea of the project came from a dead sunflower, which was placed in a deep shadow.

The project started at the end of 2014, thanks to a new robot friend Vincross’s founder Sun Tianqi and it is designed as a six-legged spider.

However, since their appearance, for billions of years, plants have never experienced the movement of any kind.

They are, actually fixed to where they were planted, but now on a robotic rover base, they can experience mobility and interaction.

This project brought some inspiration to the relationship between technology and natural default settings.

Now, everyone can pick up a new houseplant friend in his/her coffee shop, as it is free to say that a lot of people are avid indoor gardeners.

The invention of the robot planter, people get healthy plants but also a makeshift house pet.

This robot planter will be able to move the plant according to wherever the sun is in your house, like a cat, who is always trying to catch that sunny spot by the window.

The mission of this planter is to keep the plants alive, by finding a sun for them, and then the shade when the plants need to cool down.

When the plant needs water, it will throw a temper tantrum by stomping around so you know that is time for watering them.

According to Food & Wine, the HEXA Plant can reportedly “play” with people if they touch its base.

It is able to spin around and even does a happy dance in the sunny spots, because of Vitamin D. Many people can have the HEXA Planter as the indoor gardening assistant.

The planter will also make sure that they get the optimal lighting because it crawls to the light and it spins so every leaf of the precious plant can soak in the rays. These abilities make it a considered innovation.

Caring for the plants is practically part of the self-care movement. Most of the houseplants have psychological benefits to the owner.

Houseplants help people de-stress and inspire increased productivity. It is evident that certain plants can even improve sleep quality, and they might also enhance creative thinking.

The HEXA Planter is not yet available for purchase, but for those who are interested is good to know that the original HEXA is, for a cool price of $949.

It is important to know that people live in the future now where houseplants soon won’t need to suffer an untimely death regardless of you are expert in house planting or not.




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