This Small And Remote Scottish Island Is Looking For New Residents


The village of Kinloch in a tiny rocky Scottish island is looking for new residents. There are four eco-homes under construction, and applicants will be able to rent them from September 2020.

The coronavirus and lockdown have left many of us overstressed, physically and emotionally drained, dreaming of adventures outside of our homes.

If you are ready to seek your peace somewhere far away, look no further, as you get your chance now! A remote Scottish island is looking for people to live and work there from this September.

If you are interested to become the new resident of the place, here is all the information you need!

Located 30 miles off the coast of Scotland, the Isle of Rum is part of what is known as the Archipelago, Scotland’s Inner Hebrides islands.The small rocky Scottish island neighbors Eigg and the Isle of Skye, and is just eight miles from end to end.

Currently, only 30-40 people are living there, so applicants are offered the opportunity to rent four two-bedroom eco-homes in the village of Kinloch.

The houses are on the edge of Kinloch village and offer spectacular views of Rum Cuillin mountain. The homes are now under construction and will be ready to move in by September 2020.

Applicants are obliged to stay for at least 2 years and pay a monthly rent of just $590, which is far lower than the costs of living in most cities in the world.

It is the ideal place for wildlife lovers, since this Scottish island is a National Nature Reserve.

The area is the home of various animals you might encounter on a daily basis, including deer, ponies, wild goats, eider ducks, white- and golden-tailed eagles, and dolphins.

Although locals speak English, you should also be ready to hear some Gaelic and Lallans, and maybe use the opportunity to learn a few words in these ancient languages.

The Isle of Rum is seeking individuals with a trade or skill and young families to boost the local economy, who would love to be volunteers and help in event organizations.

Yet, primarily, the island is looking for ‘dynamic individuals or families who are keen to fit into the island way of life and help drive positive change for this young and growing community’.

It would be perfect if the applicants are hard workers and either already self – employed or have the ambition to become self – employed.

The professions of interest include childcare, catering, food production, house maintenance, fish farming or marine and mountain tourism, and construction.

The Scottish island already offers various options for tourist accommodation, including campsites, wild camping options, bed and breakfasts, cabins, hostels, cabins, and much more.

The new homes in this Scottish island will be available for permanent or long — term residents only. Those interested in the offer can read through the Prospective Residents Welcome Pack, and should send the application form until Friday, August 28th, 2020.

So, are you ready to pack your luggage and go to explore Scotland?

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