This Stunning SUCCULENT Changes Colors Through The Seasons And Is Super EASY TO GROW


If you like to grow a plant and at the same time you don’t have the skills for that, succulents are definitely the best choice for you. Unlike other plants that require regular care and checking on them from time to time in order to keep them alive, succulents behave like grown children.

They are capable of doing well by themselves. Depending on the type of succulent you choose, you’ll have to make sure to spritz some water a few days a week to just once in a while. But one thing is sure, the succulents will make your home look more beautiful.

Chick Charms “Gold Nugget” succulent

Chick Charms “Gold Nugget” succulent will keep your attention for sure. You will not get bored by this plant. It’s a truly special variety of Hens & Chicks.

This succulent is associated with the term “chicks” because it creates additional “chicks”, or else known as offshoots. And they are created around the main “hen”, or mother plant, at quite a slower rate over time. Which is why people associate it with the term “hens” as well. What makes it unique is its capacity to change colors through seasons. In spring, each leaf of this plant is golden green with dark red edges.

Then in summer, the red margins are lost, and the coloring becomes a uniform lime green. In autumn, the rosettes become bright golden yellow and the dark red edges return again. And finally, in winter the rosettes become uniform dark red. How amazing is that? It’s like you have a different plant every season.

Which plants to add in the garden, together with your already existing succulent?

Anyways, the American plant breeder Chris Hansen stands behind the discovery of the “Gold Nugget”, which took place in January, 2014. He is a specialist in developing new sedums and hellebores.


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Taking care of this succulent will make you more skillful when it comes to growing plants. Plus, you can experiment even more and add some of the other varieties of sempervivums in your garden.


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The Gold Nugget is such a variety which means that all the other plants that belong here form rosettes of colorful and fleshy leaves. Therefore, if you add some of them, you can make your garden look prettier.



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