This Woman Adopts a Pit Bull from a Shelter & He Can’t Stop Hugging Her


When some pets don’t get much love from their owners they can be brought to the shelter. Thankfully, adopting unwanted animals or found dogs and cats by the shelter is helping more and more of these animals find loving families and new homes.

This was a way how Russ the Pitbull found a home in the loving arms of Kayla Filoon, a 20-year-old student from Philadelphia, who volunteered as a dog-walker for an animal shelter. When she saw Russ in the dog shelter, she felt a special connection between them and she was aware that she needed to adopt him.

When Kayla met the dog he was a stray dog and was beaten. The dog was malnourished and lean and lacked a tail and ear fur.

At that moment, the dog was just sitting still, staring into Kayla’s eyes. This was her signal that she should take him home and give him all the love he deserves.

She decided to do it immediately, not wanting to leave him with 15 dogs at the shelter.

Barely Kayla waited the next day to fill out all the necessary paperwork at the shelter. While doing her homework on the table, Russ tried to kneel with her, which was a challenge for her friend to photograph this moment, and then he posted it on social media.

The photo and story of this move made Kayla very popular. This practice has become a motivation for others to adopt shelter dogs.

Even Kayla lives with six other people, it was no obstacle to keeping the dog home because luckily, they all adore Russ.

It took Russ some time to adjust to his new environment. The love that was given to him and his complete care allowed him to recover quickly. Russ is happier and healthier now than ever before.

You can view the complete photo gallery of Kayla and Russ here:

For all readers we have several questions:

  • – Would you adopt an animal from a shelter?
  • – Do you have experience with the shelter animals?
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