Tiny Smart Home Looks Like A Space Ship And Can Sleep A Family Of 4 — See Inside


Have you ever looked around your house and thought you had a lot more space than you need? Maybe you’ve considered moving from a large house to a smaller one, or from a house to an apartment. But, have you ever thought about leaving a traditional house altogether and looking for something even small. Something like a tiny house?

Tiny houses have gained a lot of attention in recent years, and a Singaporean company has just released their new model, which may make you reconsider the space you really need.

The little house of the future is here. Nestron from Singapore has released information and photos of its latest prototype for the Cube Two, a tiny smart home with an artificial intelligence assistant.

The Cube Two

The Cube Two, is available for pre-order. Nestron says families of three to four persons can be comfortable. With the open concept more space is dedicated to common living space.

The 263 square foot home includes a kitchen with hood and sink, a bathroom, a bedroom and a bar counter. On the outside, the house is eight meters long and 3.6 meters wide.

Cube Two is ready to move into immediately. Most of the furniture is built in and included in the starting price. When we compare the tiny home’s open plan design with the traditional home, we can see that it actually has more usable space by 15%.

This is what the interior of the futuristic smart home looks like

All devices are smart, so washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning and stove are connected. Plus, they’re all controlled by Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Canny! The skylight on the roof opens up the space, and there are lighting fixtures too.

In addition, the company has planned a large number of built-in storage places for various items. Between the integration of artificial intelligence and the sleek white furniture, the tiny house almost feels like a spaceship.

An Affordable Option

If the cost of a traditional home seems too much for your budget, this tiny home could be the answer. You can pre-order the Cube Two for a base price of $ 52,000, before any additions.

Some upgrades are available, like switching from an external power source to a solar system, as well as the addition of an electric underfloor heating system. The solar system will add $ 7.500 to the price and the heated floors another $ 9,000.  Shipping costs to the United States are not free. They are around eight thousand dollars.

Even with additions, your total price is still less than $ 70,000. Far lower than a traditional house.

Sources: www.businessinsider.com

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