Tricky Riddle – Who’s the doctor?


Ever seen Batman? Then you must be familiar with the Riddler. He presents Batman and a whole host of other people with riddles to solve. And while it can get pretty annoying, tricks and puzzles do form a part of life. After all, life can get pretty monotonous without something to spice it up.

As it is, there are lots of puzzles to choose from. No one needs to fight with the other, you have Crossword, Sudoku, and basic logic reasoning. And the best part- you don’t even have to study for it! All one needs to do is apply their brains and bam! The puzzle is solved.

Bring Out Your Creative Hats And Solve This Riddle

You can already guess by now that there is a riddle for you today. It should hardly take you a lot of time. And there I can see it- your excuses falling flat. The riddle is pretty easy to decipher. As we mentioned earlier, there is no material that you have to read to solve it. All you need to do is observe, and analyze. Look for discrepancies in the puzzle. Look for nooks and crannies, through which you can slip your intellect. At the end of the day, it is the answer that counts. So, are you ready? By the way- NO CHEATING!

So, here it is:


Don’t tackle the riddle headlong.

Look at the wording of the puzzle. It says that the child is the doctor’s son. But, does it specify the gender of the doctor? No.

Next, the puzzle mentions that the doctor isn’t the boy’s father. This does narrow the possibilities down, doesn’t it?

Also, it tells you exactly what you want to know. When you start eliminating your answers, the answer is the one that hasn’t been touched yet. The doctor is not the father, but can’t she be the mother? Yes, she can!

So the answer is that the doctor was the boy’s mother.

How close did you get? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to let your friends and family know about it too and maybe bamboozle them as well.

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