Two Elderly Dudes Escaped a Nursing Home and Went to a Heavy Metal Concert


A man in the late decade of life may be envisioned sitting in front of the TV, holding a stick when walking, or perhaps sitting on the entryway patio playing with the nephews.

However, some elderly men can be seen in many unusual places which are usually visited by the younger generations, such as an overwhelming metal show. It was the case with the two seniors from the rustic region of Dithmarscher, Germany, who chose to invest their valuable energy in such an event. They got a plan to escape from their nursing home and to go to a substantial metal music concert.

This Wacken Open Air music concert is a tradition every year in Hamburg. The place where the concert occurs is around a 25-mile trek from the nursing home of those two men. It is, actually viewed as one of the biggest overwhelming metal concerts around the world and includes extremely famous groups like Danzig, Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest, and Death By Sorry. It lasts four days and there are presently more than 75,000 heavy metal fans.

When the people from the nursing home saw their absence they called the police asking for the help. At 3 am, the seniors, a little dazed and disoriented, were found by the experts.

The Washington Post reported that two men were thought to have advanced toward the concert by foot and public transport, but it is still a mystery how they arrived in Wacken and how much time they spent at the concert.

According to Dwindle Berndt, a representative for the Itzehoe police division, the two men were taken to the medicinal tent on the concert site and were sent back by taxi in the nursing home. It was difficult to convince them for returning home — yet at last, they returned voluntarily.

Another police representative Merle Neufeld told how they enjoyed the metal concert until the home care arranged an arrival transport for them.

These two seniors are not alone in such festivals, because they are frequently visited by various senior residents. Тhis careless experience of the elderly people reignites a fire in their spirits and proves the phenomenal memories, which will be retained throughout their lives.


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