Use The Tea Bag Method To Keep Rats and Spiders Out of Your Home


Once the fall comes, it brings all the pesky rodents together with it. That is so, because all these little creatures are looking for some warmer place to hide before it gets too cold.

Therefore, people’s houses seem like a perfect place to invade. Fortunately, there’s one thing you can do, to keep yourself safe from being invaded from spiders and rats. Tea bags have proved to be useful when it comes to keeping away these critters.

There are thousands of chemical repellents, exterminators and other means of termination, but trust me, tea bags will make all of them go away.

How to get rid of these nasty little critters?

There’s one simple solution that will most certainly make these little creatures go away. It’s been tested and proved to work just fine. Below you can find a list of five steps you need to follow so as to complete the procedure and make sure spiders and rats never to appear again in your home!

  1. Peppermint tea bag. Boil some water and brew a cup of this kind of tea.
  2. After you notice that the bag is properly soaking into the tea, remove it and put it in a place of your home that you fully expect them to inhabit. Brew as many peppermint tea bags as you have inhabitable places
  3. Don’t forget to place a tea bag in any hidden holes in your house. Each place that a rat or spider might easily enter from, should be covered with a peppermint tea bag.
  4. Regarding the number of areas in your home that you need to cover, it’d be better to make more than one cup of tea, so as to properly brew the bags
  5. Once you are done preparing, leave the bags at their places for several days, and you can be sure that all the pests will soon disappear.

Why peppermint tea bags?

You are probably confused and trying to figure out what is it that makes rats and spires run away from peppermint tea bags. It’s the smell. They don’t like the smell in fact, they find it disgusting.

It repulses them and as a result, they are looking for some other place or home to invade. Plus, it is really beneficial for your health as well, since you won’t have to buy and use any pesticides or being faced with dead animals or bugs that wait for you to clean them up.

This technique is not good for autumn time only. You can do it all year round and make sure you never ever have to deal with rats and spiders in your home again!


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