Using 7,500 Pennies, This Jeweler Decorated Her Floor As A Mosaic


Penny tile flooring is very popular all across the world. They look very amazing in the bathroom and even the hallways leading to the other rooms. Kelly Graham, a jeweler, took the penny tile flooring to the next level by decorating her floor using 7,500 pennies.

Graham owns a jewelry store called Camias Jewelry Designs. Using about 7,500 pennies, she made an incredible mosaic in her house in a space 6 by 6 feet large. In 2015, she finished her work and shared it with the world. Her inspiration came after Kat Von D showed off her own penny floor and decided that she wanted her own.

Before getting into jewelry, Graham was a machinist which gave her the eye for spatial reasoning. She began her project by separating the pennies into piles of old, medium-aged, and new coins. This allowed her to create the perfect variety between the mosaic lines. As for planning the design, she wanted it to be spontaneous. It took her three weeks to finish the floor, changing her mind about the design often.

Aside from pennies, Graham also needed to caulk the coins for adhesion and after grouting. She waited a few days for the caulking to solidify before grouting. The grouting lasted a full week. After the wait, Graham poured a resin coating on top of the pennies.

Mosaic History

Mosaics have been around for a long time. Some of the most popular mosaic arts come from the Romans which were featured on their private homes or public buildings. The inspiration behind the Roman mosaics came from flooring sets made of small pebbles used in the Bronze Age by the Minoan civilization (Crete) and the Mycenaean civilization (Greece).

The first pebble flooring in Greece was found dating back to the 5th century BCE (Olynthus and Corinth). With time, these old types of mosaics evolved and created wonderful pieces of art.


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