Very Few People Can Solve This Math Problem Without Using A Calculator


Brain teasers such as math problems and riddles satisfying for people that want to challenge their intellectual ability. Putting together puzzles and solving mysteries are always a thrill for the brain. Even though while solving them you might get frustrated, the satisfaction you receive after finding the correct answer or solution is worth every second. There are tons of challenging brain teasers that you can look up online and test yourself.

Recently, one basic math problem has proved to be a challenge for many people online. The challenge for these math problems is to solve them without using a calculator. This might be extra challenging for you if you’re not good at math. However, don’t be discouraged since it is basic math. Try it yourself:

Challenge #1

Remember, don’t use the calculator and don’t scroll down to see the answer before answering yourself.

Like any other algebraic operation, you start by figuring out the signs. If you have a division or multiplication sign, then solve them first before going into addition or subtraction.

In this example, you have one multiplication sign, three addition, and one subtraction sign. Solve the multiplication sign first, or, 25 x 0 = 0.

The rest of the problem should look like this: 50 + 50 – 0 + 2 + 2.

After that, it’s an easy addition and you get 104 as the correct answer to this problem.

Challenge #2

Again, don’t use a calculator or scroll down before solving the problem.

This problem is very similar to the one before. Look at the signs and see if you have any multiplication or division signs and solve them first.

In this case, we have another multiplication sign 3 x 3. The product for this operation is 9.

The rest of the problem now becomes much clearer: 3 + 9 – 3 + 3.

After adding and subtracting the numbers, you will get 12 as the correct result, meaning that B is the correct answer.

Basic Math & Algebra Operations

If you were having trouble with solving these problems, make sure you read below. First, make sure you know all four of the mathematical operations:

+          Addition – meaning adding two or more numbers to find their total or sum.

–           Subtraction – finding the difference between two or more numbers.

x           Multiplication – times or repeated addition of numbers.

÷           Division – undoing multiplication.

Other than knowing these four operations, you must know the order of which you need to solve the problems. In some math problems, you will encounter brackets as well so make sure you follow this simple acronym for the order of solving:


B – brackets

E – exponents

D – division

M – multiplication

A – addition

S – subtraction

This means that you start with solving whatever is in the brackets (if there are in a problem). After that, solve for the exponents (23 = 8). After that, multiplication and division and finish with addition and subtraction.

This process is not as hard as it seems. All you need is to practice with some more operations and you’ll get it.


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