Wavy Lips Are The Latest Beauty Trend Taking Over Social Media


Is this possibly a sign of boredom from all the lockdowns and quarantine? Or is it just an indication that the end is near? Or maybe both?

No, there is no zombie apocalypse (at least not right now), but there is a new beauty trend that might just have you wondering what’s going on out there. Brace yourself, “wavy lips“.


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In order to get a sort of scalloped look for the clients, the plastic surgeons target certain points along the lip line with injections. Emelian Braude is the Russian plastic surgeon responsible for this trend and he says he dreamed up this devilish mouth. They’re also calling it ‘devil’s lips’ and ‘octopus lips’.

Originally, the first girl spotted on social media with the wavy lips said that she did it with makeup and not a photo-editing app. However, after the trend blew up, she has changed the caption to show that she was sarcastic.

However, there is a catch. If you get this injection, you are not going to be able to undo it quickly and, if at all, go back to your normal lips. Your lip border will get warped and it won’t wear uniformly, so for years to come, you’re going to have frilly lips.


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The improperly injected filler might end up in a blood vessel, causing blockages and leading to tissue necrosis. The vessels are around the lips, which is exactly what may cause improper filling, dermatologists warn.

What do you think about the wavy lips trend? Would you give it a try? Is this the new beauty standard?



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