We Fall In Love With People Who Are Meant To Help Us Grow Spiritually


Before people find their right partner, they often experiment and are ready to change. The moment they realize that they are in a real relationship with someone, the change will be the last thing on their mind.

The best thing would be if people accept each other as they are, but this rarely seems to happen. It is also unnatural for anyone to want to change or control their partner at any cost because that relationship does not have a future.

Each individual is unique in this world and she/he experiences life in her/his own way. In love relationships, partners have to blend in and make things work together, because forcing others to fit into someone else’s life simply never work. No one can expect the people in his/her life to be the way he/she wants them to be, much less that these people will do what they are forced to do.

True marriages or partners are about acceptance and understanding. Everyone has to accept their lover as he or she is, and understand that in all relationships, differences will arise as they develop. Things will not be perfect, but everyone must do their best to make a living together.

Those who quickly realize that they cannot change other people go through life more easily. Everything that people do in life, they do it for their own reasons, so it is always best to base each relationship on understanding the opposite. This allows the partner to be understood in his true sense, on a much deeper level.

Partners can work together on problems they encounter, with good communication, and by solving them, they will make their relationship flourish. The more they work to deepen their relationship, the better they will end up.

The aspiration of every solid couple should be to push themselves forward to a place that allows them to grow spiritually and emotionally, rather than holding on to one another’s things that have happened in the past. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the other person as he/she is, and it may be difficult to defeat something that is not expected. However, everyone should be open and spend more time if it is necessary to try to make things easier because that is the only correct concept.

Partners can only live together if they do not force each other to be a version of themselves. This kind of connection and understanding will not be easily forgotten.




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