We’re Living In An Age Where People Have Forgotten The Importance Of Physical Touch


Recently, humanity has changed the view they have on physical contact. Hugging someone or patting them on the back is seen as a taboo.

Even though it’s true when the person receiving the hug or pat is not happy about it or simply does not need it, the case happens with family members, close friends, and romantic partners.

Humanity has become used to keeping a distance from every person. Scientists think that this may cause damages to our mental health because society as a whole has forgotten the significance of physical touch.

It Can Hurt Us

Our emotional health is dependent on physical touch. Without physicality, our mental wellbeing may suffer and make us feel depressed, isolated, and even anxious.

The need to cuddle or hug a significant other is not usually the case that we need. A simple pat on the shoulder should be enough for our mental health.

University College London has made a study showing that a gentle touch can benefit people and make them feel included in their social life. 

One example of the need for human touch is Princess Diana, being the first public important figure that shook hands with someone who was diagnosed with AIDS.

She knew that this simple yet thoughtful act can make the person feel comfortable and help him through his hardships. She also inspired people to hug those who suffered from the illness which led to the normalization of the people who suffered from the disease.

People Are Getting Warnings about Physical Contact

Many cases that have happened about consent and personal boundaries have been made as a positive thing, stopping people from abusing and sexually assaulting people.

However, this is not the case with all of the cases because there are cases where people take this too far. There have been examples where foster parents are too afraid to hug their foster kids.

Doctors have been threatened to be sued for hugging their patients for comfort.

Even when a child falls and hurts themselves, other parents are too frightened to pick them up and help them.

Teachers are also advised that during school hours if a child falls and hurts themselves, the teachers need to tell them to put on the bandage themselves.

With this, we have absolutely demonized the touch. No matter how sincere or innocent it is, it can trigger bad reactions from different people.

People are terrified from an accidental bump with someone on the streets or in the hallways.

We’re Despairing for Company

Our society has forgotten how vital human contact is. However, there are people who recompense for the fondness they are missing out from their close ones.

These people find comfort from professional cuddlers which are people that get paid to cuddle and hug with someone.

There are companies that run these kinds of professionals that people can choose who they want to cuddle with from a cuddle menu. One such business is the Cuddle Up To Me retail center.

Machines have also been invented which can substitute the physical touch that people are missing.

One of these machines is the Tranquility Chair that has been invented in Japan. It has soft arms and when you sit on it, it will wrap the arms around the person.

This need for physical touch has erupted into a crisis. To find a way to make people feel comfortable and safe, we’ve eliminated the thing that can connect us.

The importance of physical contact is being completely thrown away. As a result, many people suffer from mental illnesses.

What do you think? Does physical touch need to be normalized again? Or do we need to keep it the way it is and have extreme boundaries and limitations to physical contact?




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