What Did You See First? Let’s See What It Says About Your Unique Personality Traits


How people perceive the world speaks volumes about themselves. The fact is that people change their perception sometimes, and that change is usually caused in a visual, auditory, or physical way.

The subconscious and how it affects people’s lives

This is a favorite topic of many psychologists because the subconscious is still a mystery to professionals. Experts claim that the subconscious is created in the deep desires, thoughts, and dreams of people.

Your personalities can be linked to what you first noticed in the photo below.

Since it can associate you with trees, roots, or lips, these are the meanings for your personality:

  1. Trees

The personalities who first notice in trees are probably extroverted. They are polite to the people around them but also kind to people they don’t know. However, these personalities have limitations because they do not tolerate ridicule and cannot stand when someone pushes them.

These personalities are sensitive to others and care about what others think of them.

There are a lot of people around these personalities, but there are a small number of those who are faithful friends. Friends of these personalities are trusting them, they show positive emotions, while other people experience them as a mystery. They are open to new ideas and dedicated to realizing their plans.

  1. Roots

These personalities are introverted, admit their mistakes, and accept constructive criticism. Their personality is huge and they are really wise.

They are very diligent in accomplishing tasks; they finish everything that comes to their mind. They are guided in life by morals and principles, they know what they want, even though these are sometimes amazing things.

They are adored by others because they are independent and responsible people, they strive to become better people, but sometimes they are killed by low self-esteem. They are loved by true friends as they are.

  1. Lips

These personalities are good with an average life and possess tremendous flexibility. Many perceive them as a simple and quiet person. They are wise people, but they are sometimes naive. They possess positive thoughts, and their intentions are always good. Some see them as weak people who need help, but they can deal with almost any problem along the way.

They love honesty and are willing to offer advice and their opinion is highly appreciated.

Ways to Start Training Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want

People’s mind is constantly filtering and bringing to them the attention information and stimuli that affirms their preexisting beliefs

The subconscious mind is the gatekeeper of the comfort zone

Here, a few ways to start retraining the mind to be people’s ally, not their enemy.

  1. Be willing to see the unchangeable change. – The point is that people are willing to see if it’s possible… that’s what will change their life.
  2. Give permission to be successful – step into a whole, happy, healthy, grounded, and meaningful existence.
  3. Don’t allow other people’s fears to cast shadows of doubt – other people’s fears are projections of their own situations and they have nothing to do with what others are or aren’t capable of.
  4. Be surrounded by positive reinforcement.
  5. Speak the success as a present fact, not a future plan – be capable of being happy right here and right now, nothing shouldn’t hold anybody back.
  6. Creating a vision space – putting together words and images that represent what people want and how they want to live.
  7. Identifying the resistance.
  8. Have a master plan for the life – identifying core values and motivations making decisions for the long-term.
  9. Start a gratitude journal – by expressing thanks for all done.
  10. Start asking for what people want, even if they know they’ll be denied.
  11. Surrounding with allies.
  12. Filling the “dead air” time with affirmation and motivation.




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