What Will Happen With Mix Of Beet, Apple, Carrot? Super Juice!

Prepare This Super Juice by Mixing Beet, Apple, and Carrot!

For all of you who want to explore new recipes here is something extremely delicious and healthy, a magic drink made of superpower ingredients.

The ancient Chinese used this drink to treat carcinoma and many other health issues. According to Rudolf Breuss, a doctor who works for UN agency, this drink is definitely the remedy for cancer.

The treatment of the cancer patient is based on consuming tea, veggie juices, and mainly, beet for 42 days. According to the statistics this drink managed to cure more than 45.000 people with cancer, which really seems unbelievable.

Here you can learn more about the health benefits of those 3 main ingredients, which will help you to understand why this healthy combination is considered as the most effective natural cure.

This super- juice is prepared from 2 types of veggies and one fruit:

– Beet

– Carrot

– Apple

The apple is rich in calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, Mg, and vitamins A, E, C, K, and vitamin B. Additionally it contains carbs like aldohexose and levulose, which are perfect for preventing fatigue and boosting the energy. It is a great source of ascorbic acid and antioxidants and is able to eliminate free radicals, bacteria, viruses, aid weight loss, and improve digestion.

The carrot contains vitamins B, C, K, A, E, metals, 20 atomic minerals, and antioxidants. It can improve the vision, reduces the risk of tumor and stroke.

Beet is rich in vitamin B, C, A, iron, metal, and copper. It improves digestion, prevents cancer, and it is very beneficial for your liver and blood vessels.

The benefits of this super – juice:

1.  Reduce the risk of cancer

According to many studies, due to the amino acids in the beets have the ability to fight cancer. Their special effects are seen in patients with the lung cancer and tumor malignant cells. In addition, beets have the ability to cure even leukemia.

2.  For heart and vessels

This juice contains phytonutrients, alpha and beta-carotene, and lutein, which are essential for heart health. Thanks to the apple the bad cholesterol is lowered, which helps improving pressure and heart health.

3.  Better Blood Flow and Stronger Heart against Attack

– Aids in weight loss

– Improves digestion

– Regular bowels

– Reduces risk of ulcer and keeps healthy gut

– Gives essential nutrients and more satiety

– Removes toxins and treats constipation

4.  Cleansed body against Infections

– Due to the antioxidants it can prevent viruses and infections, and reduce inflammation

– Improves the health of kidneys, liver, and exocrine gland

– The containment of iron is essential for stronger blood

– Fibers make it able to clean intestines and remove toxins

– Cleanses blood and liver

– Eliminates waste

– The cellulose in the apple is great for detox

5.  Good for skin

According to numerous studies, this juice is beneficial for our skin, as it removes pimples and cleanses it. It also reduces inflammation and cures viruses and allergies. It treats dry skin, prevents aging, and eliminates wrinkles.

6.  Visual Sense

By drinking this juice you’ll be able to cure red and itchy eyes. It maintains the health of your eyes, as it rests them.

7.  For Women Issues

The UN women agency claims that this juice is very beneficial for PMS. In addition, due to its rich content of iron, it can treat fatigue.

Other benefits:

– Improves your memory and brain function,

– Strengthens your immunity,

– Provides relief from spasms and muscle pain and

– Reduces inflammation

Method of preparing and consuming the elixir of health

1) Choose the organic ingredients, to avoid pesticides and no chemicals.

2) Use 3 fruits of each

3) Cut the fruits and blend them well.

4) Strain the mixture and put it in a jar and refrigerate.

5) Take this juice in the morning, before your breakfast

Note: Take the breakfast 1 hour after taking the juice. The treatment lasts 6 weeks, and you will experience significant improvements!



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